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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I find out about non-faculty jobs at Auburn University?

A - The job listing is available 24 hours a day at on any computer with internet access. Also, listings of available positions can be seen at the Department of Human Resources at 1550 East Glenn Avenue, in the Auburn University Administrative Complex. There is also a link to Auburn University from the Alabama JobLink web site.

Q - How do I apply for positions at Auburn University?

A - You must complete the online application at on any computer with internet access. Additionally, you may attach an electronic resume’ or cover letter as you apply for each position. Please bring an electronic version of your resume’/cover letter with you if you plan to use the computers at our Employment Offices. You may then view open positions and apply to any that are listed. Some positions may request additional job-related information in order to determine your qualifications for that specific position. Once you have submitted your initial application, your information will be maintained in the database under the user name and password you have chosen. You will be given the opportunity to edit your application as you apply for positions thereafter.

Q - Can I apply directly with the hiring department?

A - No. The Employment website is the central intake point for all University vacancies. Only those applicants applying through the online system can be considered.

Q - What happens next?

A - After the posted review date, all applications are reviewed by an Employment Specialist to ensure that minimum qualifications for education and experience are met. Additionally, some positions may require specific skills assessments or licensures. Applications of those candidates who meet these criteria are then released to the hiring department. The hiring department makes the decision as to which candidates are interviewed and which candidate is selected for hire. Competition for jobs at Auburn University is very keen. We cannot guarantee an interview to any applicant for any specific position. Hiring departments must have approval of their central administrative offices prior to making any offer of employment.

Q:  Will I be notified of my status in a search, or when the position is filled?
A:  Applicants can monitor their status in a search at any time by logging onto and viewing their My AU Job Search screen.  As long as your status is "In Process" or "Forwarded to Hiring Department" you are still under consideration for that position.  Our departments are allowed up to six months from the posted review date to make a selection decision.  The ultimate decision of which candidates are contacted for interview and selected for hire is made by the hiring department, not Human Resources.  University policy only requires that departments interview their top three candidates from an applicant pool, so far more applicants are not selected for interview than are interviewed.    

Q - What types of benefits does Auburn University provide its employees?

A - Auburn University provides an excellent fringe benefit program which includes generous leave benefits, participation in the Retirement Systems of Alabama, and options to participate in the University's group health and dental insurance, life insurance, supplemental disability income insurance and voluntary tax deferred annuity programs for retirement savings. Additionally, AU offers a flexible spending plan which allows employees to utilize many of these benefits using pre-tax dollars. Day care expenses and medical expenses not covered by insurance reimbursement can be paid with pre-tax dollars for employees participating in this program. AU also offers a tuition waiver program for full-time regular employees after completion of 12 months continuous employment.

Q - Once I am hired at Auburn University, what kinds of promotional opportunities are there?

A - Auburn University encourages employees to seek promotional opportunities through its internal application process. Employees may begin applying for other positions on campus after 10 months in their current unit, but cannot make the transfer until at least one year in their current unit. To ensure that positions are filled with a candidate who is the best match for the vacancy and to ensure that the University's goals for affirmative action and equal opportunity are met, positions are filled on a competitive basis. Positions may be posted internally to campus only or externally to outside applicants as well as current employees.

Additionally, many of AU's jobs are a part of a job family which allows for upgrade within the job family once certain criteria are met relative to time in position, job performance, and/or required in-house training or course work. Your supervisor will be able to share with you the requirements within your specific job family.

Q - If I accept a position at AU, I realize I will be placed on probation. Employees are also required to stay in a position for a year before applying for promotion or transfer. During probation, if someone does not feel it is working out would they be able to put in another application elsewhere? 

A - Auburn University, like the majority of employers, establishes a three-calendar month probationary period which allows its supervisors the opportunity to evaluate the performance of new employees in order to make a decision on whether to retain an employee, extend the probationary status for an additional 90 days, or terminate employment.

Employees are restricted from transferring or promoting to other units on campus for a period of one year. However, we certainly have no control over employees who may wish to seek employment with other employers off campus.

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