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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What methods are used by AU for job evaluations?

A - A combination of methods are considered for each job -- market pricing, point factor scoring, whole job ranking and classification factors.  The results of each of the methods suggest a grade and the grade assigned is based on a combination of these results.

Q - What are the criteria for assigning jobs to the four Auburn University employee groups -- "Tenure Track Faculty", "Nontenure Track Faculty", "University Staff" and "Administrative-Professional"?

A - The criteria approved by the Board of Trustees in 1992 are as follows:

  • University Staff: All FLSA nonexempt jobs.
  • Tenure Track Faculty: Jobs which carry a tenure relationship with a tenure awarding unit.
  • Nontenure Track Faculty: Jobs which do not carry a tenure relationship but either 1) carry administrative or supervisory responsibilities for an instructional, research or extension program, or 2) require self-directing, non-assisting participation in instruction, research, extension or a combination, and involves design, development, execution and evaluation of an academic undertaking based upon specialized training, or knowledge, and/or equivalent experience.
  • Adminstrative-Professional: All others not included in the above (FLSA exempt and not faculty).

Q - What are the procedures for reclassifying a position (i.e. changing the job assigned to the position)?

A - Policy and procedure for position reclassification are found in section 3.3 of the AU Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual.  Forms for requesting position changes, and new positions, are found in appendix 3.B of the Manual.

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