Competencies:  Universal Performance Dimensions

Competencies:  Universal Performance Dimensions

Universal Performance Dimensions are performance evaluation measures common to all employees at Auburn University. They are organizationally focused rather than job focused. The Universal Performance Dimensions are to be included in the performance plan for each employee. 

Each Universal Performance Dimension includes a definition and some observable behaviors that, when performed, may indicate acceptable performance. The list of behaviors is only a sample list; therefore, all of the listed behaviors may not be applicable to the specific position.


  • Definition: Establishes and maintains respectful, cooperative, and productive working relationships with co-workers, team members, supervisors, and other members of the university community
  • Observable Behaviors
    • Listens and responds constructively to other team members’ ideas
    • Offers support for others’ ideas and proposals
    • Is open with other team members about his/her concerns
    • Expresses disagreement constructively
    • Provides assistance to others when they need it
    • Works for solutions that all team members can support
    • Shares his/her expertise with others
    • Provides assistance, information, or other support to others, to build or maintain relationships with them 

Organizational Commitment

  • Definition: Demonstrates a productive work style that is compliant with university and department policies and procedures in support of established goals and objectives
  • Observable Behaviors
    • Uses time and other resources efficiently and productively
    • Prioritizes work efficiently
    • Follows through on commitments
    • Contributes constructively to the mission, goals, and objectives of the organization 

Stakeholder Focus

  • Definition: Demonstrates concern for satisfying one’s external and/or internal stakeholder/customers
  • Observable Behaviors
    • Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external stakeholders/customers.
    • Obtains first-hand customer information and uses it for improvement
    • Establishes and maintains effective relationships with stakeholders/customers and gains their trust and respect 

Diversity Commitment 

  • Definition: Seeks to recognize, understand, and respond effectively to similarities and differences in people and makes better decisions based on that understanding.  Recognizes and responds to the needs of various groups in the workplace and stakeholders/customers base so as to improve working relationships, productivity, and stakeholder/customer satisfaction.
  • Observable Behaviors
    • Supports organizational non-discriminatory objectives and timetables
    • Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity toward multi-cultural issues
    • Works effectively and willingly with diverse co-workers, students, and customers/stakeholders
    • Supports a non-discriminatory and harassment-free work environment which contributes to a welcoming and inclusive university

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Work Environment

  • Definition: Committed to maintaining a safe, secure, and non-threatening work environment
  • Observable Behaviors                                          
    • Maintains a clean, healthy, and safe work environment
    • Contributes to a work environment that is non-threatening, secure, and free of harassment
    • Understands and adheres to safety policies and procedures
    • Promptly reports accidents, injuries, safety hazards, crimes, or emergencies to supervisor or appropriate university officials
    • Follows operating instructions, uses protective equipment when required, actively strives to prevent accidents and injuries

Additional competencies and observable behaviors by performance level

Last updated: 06/12/2018