Date: 10/18/2017 Job Descriptions by Job Code

Job Code Title

Admstr, Academic Programs AA02
Coord, Student Services AA04
Counselor, Academics (Ath) AA05
Dir, Student Services AA06
Dir, Graduate Admissions AA08
Advisor, Grad School Svcs AA09
Asst Dir, Engineering Outreach AA11
Admstr, Degree Programming AA12
Spec, Graduation AA13
Advisor, Registration AA15
Asst Dir, Univ Recruitment AA17
Staff Musician AA19
Coord, Curriculum Mgt AA20
Coord, Accompanist AA21
Supv, Stu Ctr Resv & Info Desk AA22
Dir, Strategic Init & Comm AA23
Coord, Distance Education AA24
Mgr, Academic Programs AA25
Dir, Intl Prog Initiatives AA26
Supv, OIP Bus Dev & Oper AA27
Dir, Academic Advising AA28
Dir, Study Abroad AA29
Spec, Stu Supp Svcs (Ath) AA30
Dir, Veterans Resource Center AA31
Coord, Retention Programming AA33
Mgr, Int'l Std and Scholar Svs AA34
Coord, Prof Dev Comm AA35
Spec, Pre-Health Counseling AA36
Advisor, Student Media AA37
Dir, University Advising AA38
Instructional Designer AA39
Dir, Intl Stu & Scholar Svcs AA40
Asst Dir, FYE - Academics AA41
Dir, Eng Recruit & Scholarship AA42
Admstr, Student Recruiting AA43
Advisor, Int'l Students AA44
Coord, Patient Care Prog AA45
Mgr, Student Affairs Resv Spt AA47
Advisor I, Academic AA48
Advisor II, Academic AA49
Advisor III, Academic AA50
Mgr, Engagement AA51
Dir, OLLI AA52
Sr. Analyst, Facility Operations AA53
Mgr, Testing Services AA54
Mgr, RFID Lab AA55
Coord, Strategic Init Projects AA56
Asst VP, Access & Inclusive Excelle AA57
Coord, Meat Production AA58

Coord, Clinical Placement AA59
Mgr, Budget Services AA60
Dir, Student Leadership Programs AA61
HVACR / Equipment Mechanic AA62
Sr. HVACR / Equipment Mechanic AA63
Dir, Student Excellence Programs AA64
Dir, Community Pharm Svcs AA65
Coord, Student Recruiting AA66
Sr. Analyst, Philanthropy AA67
Budget/Financial Analyst AA68
Spec Asst, Inc & Div Education AA69
Assoc Dir, Info Tech AA70
Sr. Industry Negotiator AA72
Spec Asst, Inclusion & Diversity AA73
Government Compliance Administrator AA74
IT Project Manager AA75
Sr. IT Project Manager AA76
Coord, IT Project Mgmt AA77
Admstr, Purchasing Card Prgm AA78
Veterinary Customer Svcs Rep AA79
Dir, Procurement & Business Svcs AA80
Coord, Nutrition Center AA81
Chief Flight Instr & Operations Mgr AA82
Coord, Pre-Law Programs AA83
Dir, Employee Engagement AA84
Coord, Membership/Volunteer AB01
Curator, Art Collect & Exhibit AB02
Museum Preparator AB03
Curator, Natural Sciences AB04
Educational Curator AB05
Museum Registrar AB06
Spec, Arboretum AB07
Asst Dir, Museum AB08
Asst, Curatorial AB09
Spec, Instructional Tech AC01
Spec, Assist Technologies AC02
Mgr, Instructional Technology AC03
Tech, Communication AC04
Tech, Instructional Techno AC05
Supv, Video Resources AC06
Dir, On-Line & Cont. Ed Prgms AC12
Asst Dir, Eng Outrch/Contin Ed AC13
Asst Dir, Eng Media Rsc Ctr AC14
Advisor, Student MediaTech AC15
Advisor, Admissions AD02
Advisor, Scholarship AD03
University Registrar AD04
Coord, Telecounsel/Admis AD05
Dir, MBA Programs AD06
Dir, Student Recruit&Marketing AD10
Dir, First Year Exp AD11
Coord, Diversity Recruitment AD15

Coord, Minority Program AD16
Dir, Pharm Student Recruit AD20
Exec Dir, Enrollment Services AD21
Dir, University Recruitment AD23
Dir, Women in Science&Eng Inst AD24
Dir, Enrollment Svcs Ops AD25
Dir, Univ Scholarships AD27
Asst Dir, Enroll Srv Mkt & Com AD28
Asst Dir, Univ Scholarships AD29
Spec, Athletic Eligibility AD30
Assistant Registrar AD31
Associate Registrar AD32
Coord, University Scheduler AD33
Univ Transcript Evaluator AD34
Asst Dir, Recruit Programming AD35
Student Info Systems Trainer AD36
Interim Dean, Enrollment Svcs AD37
Advisor, Und Std Spec Proj AE01
Advisor, Student Programs AE02
Counselor, Student AE03
Counselor, Career AE04
Exec Dir, Campus Recreation AE05
Dir, Student Career Services AE06
Dir, Student Counseling Svcs AE07
Spec, Disability Program AE08
Coord, Cooperative Educ AE09
Asst Dir, Residence Life AE10
Dir, Office of Accessibility AE11
Dir, Student Academic Support AE12
Dir, Greek Life AE13
Exec Dir, Educ Support Svcs AE14
VP & Assoc Prov, Stud Affairs AE15
Coord, Diversity Initiatives AE18
Advisor, Campus Recreation AE20
Counselor, Academic AE21
Spec, Career Services AE22
Asst Dir, Acad Accommodation AE23
Diversity Student Advocate AE25
Coord, Area Housing AE26
Dir, Graduate Career Svcs AE27
Dir, Professional Dev Svcs AE28
Asst VP, Student Affairs AE29
Asst Dir, Emplr Rel & Stu Emp AE30
Coord, Student Leadership Prog AE31
Coord, Student Programs AE32
Dir, Student Conduct AE33
Dir, Hlth Promo&Well Initiative AE34
Dir, Student Union AE35
Dir, Division Initiatives AE36
Spec Asst, Office of Stu Aff AE38
Dir, Residence Life AE39
Asst Dir, Career Development AE40

Coord, Bus Dev for Stu Aff AE41
Dir, Student Involvement AE43
Coord, Group Fitness AE44
Asst Dir, Group Fitness AE45
Coord, Campus Rec Events AE46
Assoc Dir, Campus Rec Prog AE47
Assoc Dir, Rec Fac and Prog AE48
Coord, Mkt & Membership AE49
Asst Dir, Campus Rec Membship AE50
Coord, Aquatics AE51
Asst Dir, Campus Recreation AE52
Coord, Personal Training AE53
Coord, Campus Recreation AE54
Coord, Fitness AE55
Coord, Risk Mgt Campus Rec AE56
Asst Dir, Student Involvement AE57
Dir, Assessment & Stragic Plan AE58
Sp Asst, Asc Prov - Und Std AE60
Spec, Adaptive Sports &Rec AE62
Hall Director AE63
Asst Dir, Student Clinical Svc AE64
Dir, Recreation Programs AE65
Dir, Rec Facilities & Ops AE66
Counselor, FYS Career Prog AE67
Asst Dir, Access Elec & IT AE68
Asst Dir, FYE - Orientation AE69
Mgr, Campus Rec Bus Ops AE70
Dir, Professional & Career Dev AE71
Case Manager, Student AE73
Psychologist AE74
Psychiatrist AE75
Asst Dir, Clinical Training AE76
Mgr, Auburn Cares AE77
Asst Dir, Personal Training AE78
Tech, Campus Rec Maintenance AE79
Asst Dir, Outreach & Mental Health AE80
Asst AD,Ath Media Relations BA01
Dir, Ticket Sales and Operations BA05
Assoc AD, Equipment Operations BA07
Dir, Athletics Media Relations BA08
Mgr, Rehab & Physical Therapy BA09
Sr Assoc AD/Chief Financial BA10
Dir, Athletics Events BA12
Dir, Athletics Marketing BA13
Exec Assoc Ath Director BA14
Dir, Sports Medicine BA17
Asst AD, Ath Hosp&Spec Evts BA18
Athletics Director BA19
Sr Assoc AD, Student Svcs BA21
Asst AD, Facilities BA22
Dir, Athletic Facilities BA23
Dir, Aquatics Center BA24

Assoc AD, Oper Support Serv BA27
Asst AD, Compliance BA28
Exec Assoc AD/Sr Womens Admin BA29
Asst AD,Student Ath Sup Svc BA30
Asst Mgr, Equipment BA33
Assoc AD, Student Ath Sup Svcs BA34
Assoc AD, Ath Media Relations BA35
Assoc AD, Women Olympic Sports BA36
Assoc AD, Women Sports Admin BA37
Assoc AD, Facilities BA38
Assoc AD, Compliance BA41
Sr Assoc AD, Int'l Ops & Inclu BA42
Sr Assoc AD, External Affairs BA44
Senior Associate AD BA45
Asst AD, Ticket Sales&Ops BA46
Asst AD, Public Relations BA48
Dir, Strategic Comm-Athletics BA54
Dir, Annual Giving (Ath) BA55
Dir, Ath Turf and Grounds BA56
Asst AD, Ath Dig Media&Pub BA57
Sr Assoc AD, Communications BA58
Dir, External Services, Ath BA59
Chief Operating Officer, Ath BA60
Chief Marketing Officer, Ath BA61
Assoc AD, Ticket Sales&Ops BA62
Asst AD, Video Services BA63
Dir, Ath Hospty & Spec Evts BA64
Dir, Ath Video Services BA65
Assoc AD, Strategic Comm BA66
Assoc AD, Oper Support Serv BA67
Assoc AD, Admin Operations BA68
Asst AD, Foundation Finance BA69
Asst AD, Athletics Finance BA70
Asst AD, Human Resources BA71
Sr Assoc AD, Int'l Ops & Inclu BA72
Dir, Stewardship (Ath) BA73
Assoc AD, Capital Projects BA74
Assoc AD, Marketing & Sales BA75
Dir, Ath Operations Tier I BA76
Dir, Ath Operations Tier 2 BA77
Dir, Ath Operations Tier 3 BA78
Mgr, Equipment Operations BA79
Chief Revenue Officer BA80
Supv, Ath Business Office BB01
Photographer, Athletics BB02
Athletic Trainer BB03
Spec, Athletics Marketing BB04
Equipment Attendant BB05
Staff Videographer, Ath BB06
Admstr, Ath Compliance BB07
Coord, Athletic Recruiting BB08
Coord, Event Ticketing BB10

Coord, Spirit Grp&Pub Rltn BB11
Coord, Athlete Medical Care BB12
Supv, Athletic Trainer BB15
Head Athletic Trainer,Football BB16
Sports Dietician BB17
Coord, Priority Tkt Sales BB18
Senior Athletic Trainer BB19
Coord, Athletic Events BB20
Coord, Athletic Ticketing BB21
Coord, AU Letterman's Club BB22
Admstr, Recruiting Svcs BB23
Coord, Ath Hospty&Spec Evts BB24
Spec, Ath Media Relations BB25
Spec, Special Events BB26
Coord, Athletic Facilities BB27
Athletic Transcript Evl/Adv BB28
Sports Dietician Assistant BB29
Assoc Registrar-Ath Compliance BB30
Coord, Ath Video Services BB31
Broadcast Engineer BB32
Psychologist-Athletics BB33
Counselor, Student Athletes BB34
Spec, Ath Digitl Media&Pub BB35
Dir, Ath Motion Graphics BB36
Mgr, Creative Services Athletics BB37
Spec, Creative Services BB38
Agent Assistant CA01
Cook CA02
Supv, Food Services CA03
Mgr, Food Services CA04
Mgr, Alabama 4H Center CA05
Admstr, Outreach Programs CA06
Mgr, Mental Health CA10
Spec, Mental Health CA11
Family Child Care Mentor CA13
Asst Mgr, 4H Marketing&Promot CA17
Instructional Assistant CA18
Behavior Analyst CA19
Coord, Mental Health Train CA20
Asst Dir, Cntr Art&Humanities CA21
Dir, ACES Program & Dev Supp CA22
Spec, Group Counselor CA23
Spec, Clinical Transition CA24
Mgr, Clinical Services CA25
Spec, Evaluation CA26
Spec, 4-H Animal Care CA27
Coord, 4-H Program Support CA28
Admstr, Land & Facilities CA29
Coord, Resident Treatment CA30
Mgr, Mental Health Training CA31
Family & Comm Engage Spec CA32
Asst Dir, Outreach Programs CA33

Maintenance Mechanic 4H Center CA34
Co-Op Employee CO01
Seasonal Camp Assistant CO02
Countinuing Educ Instructor CO03
Grader CO04
Admin Support Asst-Acad DA01
Admin Support Assoc-Acad DA02
Admin Supp Asst-ACES/AAES DA03
Admin Supp Assoc-ACES/AAES DA04
Admin Support Asst-Admin DA05
Admin Support Assoc-Admin DA06
Telephone Operator DA07
Telephone Operator, Lead DA09
Asst, Testing Services DA10
Supv, Office - Acad DB01
Lead Admin Asst-Acad DB02
Admin Support Spec-Acad DB03
Coord, Business/Admin Svcs DB04
Exec Coord-Acad DB05
Exec Asst/Bus Mgr, School DB06
Admin Supp Spec-ACES/AAES DB07
Lead Admin Asst-ACES/AAES DB08
Exec Asst/Bus Mgr, College DB10
Exec Budget Coord-Acad DB11
Exec Asst, General Counsel DB12
Supv, Office DB13
Lead Admin Asst DB14
Admin Support Spec-Admin DB15
Exec Asst, Provost DB16
Exec Asst/Bus Mgr, Division DB18
Spec, Plan& Design Doc& Rec DB19
Exec Asst, Exec Vice Pres DB20
Exec Asst, BOT Secretary DB21
Assistant to the President DB22
Exec Support Asst DB23
Exec Support Spec DB24
Supv, Human Resource Rec DB26
Exec Coord - Div DB27
Exec Asst, Athletic Director DB28
Coord, IDM Help Desk DB30
Spec Asst, Asst Prov-Intr Prog DB31
Exec Coord - TUF DB32
Coord, FAC AVP Programs DB33
Exec Asst, AU Foundation DB34
Exec Asst, Bus & Fin/CFO DB35
Asst, Financial-Dept DE01
Assoc, Financial DE02
Asst, Financial-Central DE03
Assoc, Ticket Sales DE04
Coord, Non-Res Alien Tax DE07
Spec, Accounts Payable DF01
Supv, Financial Services DF02

Coord, Billing/Receivable DF03
Spec, Payroll&Emp Benefits DF04
Supv, Payroll & Emp Benefits DF05
Coord, Contracts & Grants DF06
Supv, Accounts Payable DF08
Coord, Payroll&Emp Benefits DF09
Coord, Contract&Grant Acct DF10
Coord, Electronic Pay Svcs DF11
Exec Dir, Governmental Affairs EA04
Dir, Parking&Transit Services EA05
Mgr, Repro-Print Shop EA07
Univ Research Security Off EA08
Coord, Mailroom-Department EA11
Coord, Budget Svcs&Fed Rec EA12
Pharmacist EA13
Asst, Campus Card Ops EA14
Asst Mgr, Mail Services EA21
Mgr, Mail Services EA22
Dir, Institutional Compliance EA23
Asst, Costume Shop EA27
Mgr, Campus Card Ops EA28
Assoc VP, Auxiliary Svcs EA30
Tech, Pharmacy EA34
Mgr, Transit Services EA35
Dir, Trademark Mgmt&Licensing EA36
Sales Representative EA37
Assoc, Theater Tickets EA38
Technical Dir, Theatre EA39
Sec to the Board of Trustees EA40
Dir, Pharmaceutical Operations EA42
Dir, Multicultural Center EA43
Analyst, Diver Plan&Asses EA45
Tech, Art EA46
Mgr, Diversity Inclusion EA47
Supv, Transit Services EA50
Asst Dir, Mobile Pharm Ops EA53
Supv, Pharm Tech EA54
Coord, University Events EA56
Dir, Bus Devlop for Aux Svcs EA57
Coord, Meat Laboratory EA58
Coord, Nursing Resource Ct EA59
Coord, Art Studio EA60
Dir, Special Events EA62
First Officer/Sr First Officer EA64
Captain/Sr Captain EA65
Assoc Dir, Campus Security EA66
Coord, Costume Studio EA70
Exec Dir, OADSS EA71
Ambulatory Care Pharmacist EA72
Dir, Real Estate EA73
Asst, Transit Services EA74

Mgr, Aircraft Hangar EA76
Coord, Policy&Legal Support EA77
OADSS Admin Officer EA78
Team Physician EA79
Coord, Aux Svcs Spec Proj EA80
Exec Admin Asst, Govern Affair EA81
Coord, Ath Train Clinic EA82
Nurse Practitioner EA85
Production Coord, Theatre EA86
Coord, Export Control EA87
Spec, Quality Assurance EA88
Coord, Col/School Events EA89
Mgr, Aux Svcs External Affairs EA90
Dir, Governmental Affairs EA91
Spec Ev Ad Sup Spec Pres Of EA92
Asst Dir, AMSTI EA93
Registered Dietitian EA94
Dir, Campus Dining EA95
Dir, OIT Administration EA96
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, COB EA97
Mgr, NCAT Fiscal & Bus Adm EA98
Dir, Pharmacy EA99
Human Resources Generalist EB01
Mgr, Human Resources EB02
Spec, Employee Relations EB03
Spec, AA/EEO EB04
Spec, Class and Comp EB05
Spec, Employment EB06
Assoc VP, Human Resources EB08
Dir, Compensation Management EB09
Spec, Human Resources Dev EB10
Dir, Employment Services EB11
Dir, Human Resource Dev EB12
Mgr, Temporary Employment EB14
Spec Asst Provost-HR EB15
Dir, AA/EEO EB17
Dir, HR&Strategic Partner Init EB18
Spec, TES EB19
Mgr, Employee Relations EB20
Mgr, Compensation Admin EB21
Exec Dir, Campus Relations EB22
Exec Dir, Benefits, Payroll, Rec EB23
Sr Dir, Talent Management EB24
Mgr, Employment Administration EB27
Mgr, Records Management EB28
Spec, Facilities Training EB29
Sr. Manager, Human Resources EB30
Dir, Student & Temp Staff Svcs EB32
Job Analyst EB33
Coord, Benefits EB35
Mgr, Employee Records & Sys Mgmt EB36
Dir, Human Resources Services EB37

Coord, HR Development EB38
General Counsel EC01
University Counsel EC03
Staff Counsel EC04
Chief of Staff EC05
Buyer ED01
Mgr, Surplus Property ED03
Mgr, Logistics ED04
Dir, Property Services ED05
Mgr, Materials ED06
Asst Mgr, Materials ED07
Exec Dir, Procuremt & Pay Svs ED08
Asst Dir, Procurement Svcs ED09
Strategic Procure&Contract Of ED10
Auditor, Property ED11
Buyer Sr. ED13
Mgr, Procurement Svcs ED14
Mgr, Materials - AMSTI ED15
Coord, Purchasing, Vet Med ED16
Coord, Materials - AMSTI ED17
Assoc Dir, Proc & Pay Svcs ED18
Contract Officer ED19
Strategic Sourcing Analyst ED20
Supv, Materials - Dept ED21
Military Athletic Trainer ED22
Military Sports Med Specialist ED23
Asst, Purchasing ED24
Asst Dir, STEM Outreach Prog ED25
Asst Dir, SCORE Outreach Prog ED26
Exec Dir, Business Services ED27
Assoc Dir, Env Health&Safety EE01
University Risk Manager EE02
Spec, Risk Management EE03
Exec Dir, Risk Mgmt & Safety EE04
Tech, Safety & Health EE05
Spec, Safety & Health EE06
Mgr, Safety & Health EE07
Dir, Risk Mgmt & Insurance EE08
Assoc Dir, Safety and Health EE09
Assoc Dir, Lab Safety EE10
Assoc Dir, Emergency Mgmt EE11
Dir, Campus Safety & Compliance EE12
Asst Dir, Risk Mgmt & Safety EE13
Spec, Emergency Mngt EE14
Campus Safety Officer EE15
Tech, Emergency Management EE16
Mgr, Safety (FAC) EE17
Coord, SEH & Contract Svcs, AUX EE18
Assoc Dir, Risk Mgmt & Safety EE19
Spec, Training & Exercises EE20
Dir, Bookstore EF01
Asst Dir, Bookstore EF02

Mgr, Bookstore EF03
Coord, Bookstore Cashiers EF04
Spec, Bookstore EF05
Asst, Bookstore EF06
Comp Spec, Bookstore EF07
Material Handler, Bookstore EF08
Courier/Stocker, Bookstore EF09
Spec, Online Mktg & Sales EF10
Buyer-Bookstore Merchandise EF11
Coord, Bookstore Trainer EF12
Coord, Course Materials EF13
Asst Dir, Airport/Aviation Ctr EG01
Dir, Airport/Aviation Ctr EG02
Dir, Air Transportation EG03
Coord, Flight Operations EG04
Tech, Aviation Equip EG05
Tech, Aviation Maint EG06
Pilot EG07
Flight Instructor, Asst Chief EG08
Flight Instructor, Chief EG09
Mgr, Aircraft Svcs and Grounds EG10
Mgr, Aircraft Maintenance EG11
Flight Instructor EG12
Coord, Aircraft Disp/Sched EG13
Aircraft Dispatcher EG14
Mgr, Trademark Licensing EH01
Mgr, Trademark Mktg & Promo EH02
Coord, Band EH03
Mgr, Practice Operations EH04
Clinical Nurse EH06
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, HSOP EH07
Admstr, Campus Sustain EH08
Spec, Clery Compliance EH09
Coord, Perf&Health Opt Ctr EH10
Dir, Strategy/Policy, HSI EH11
Coord, Security Programs EH12
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, COE EH13
Wellness Kitchen Manager EH14
Coord, Stage Operations EH15
Spec, Inventory Accounting EH16
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, CVM EH17
Dir, Adm/Bus & Fin, COSAM EH18
Exec Dir, Clinical Health Svcs EH20
Physician EH21
Mgr, Financial Administration EH23
Mgr, Business & Financial Admin EH25
Coach, Equestrian GA01
Dir, Ag Land & Resource Mngt GA02
Ag Economist GA03
Advisor, Natl Resources Prg GA04
Dir, Research/ Extension Ctr GA05
Assoc Dir, Ag Rsch/Ext Center GA06

Supv, AAES Rsch/ Ext Unit GA08
Mgr, Herd GA09
Boat Captain GA10
Mgr, Ag & Natural Rescs Prog GA11
Raptor Specialist GA12
Exec Dir, Ext Engage & Support GA15
Asst Dir, Business Operations GA16
Program Manager, Natl Res GA17
Raptor Rehab Specialist GA18
Asst Dir, Raptor Train & Edu GA19
Asst Dir, Raptor Rehab GA20
Tech, Wildlife Program GB01
Tech, Agriculture GB02
Tech, Forestry GB03
Butcher GB04
Tech, Aquaculture GB05
Coord, Forest Management GB06
Spec, Forest Management GB07
Mgr, Forest Management GB08
Research Assistant HA01
Research Associate HA02
Research Fellow HA03
Chief Canine Instructor HA04
Canine Instructor HA05
Analyst, Geograph Info Sys HA07
Tech, Lab HB01
Asst, Lab HB02
Supv, Laboratory HB03
Research Aide HB04
Tech, Research HB05
Assoc Dir, Sponsored Programs HC01
Assoc Dir, Tech Trans HC02
Officer, Tech Transfer HC03
Assoc Dir, Canine Train Center HC04
Asst Dir, NCAT HC05
Dir, Canine Detect Rsch Inst HC06
Dir, Canine Detect Train Ctr HC07
Mgr, Asphalt Test Track HC09
Analyst Sr, Institution Rsch HC13
Assoc Dir, Commercialization HC14
Dir, Office of Tech Transfer HC15
Asst VP, Research HC16
Dir, Research Compliance HC17
Dir, Institutional Rsch&Asses HC18
Admstr, Contracts & Grants HC19
Supv, NCAT Trucking HC20
Analyst, Institutional Stud HC21
Mgr, Glass Shop HC23
Asst Dir, Inst Research HC24
Mgr, Laboratory Research HC25
Mgr, Laboratory Teaching HC26
Assoc Dir, Intellect Property HC27

Asst, Technology Transfer HC28
Mgr, NCAT Lab Research HC29
Admstr, Proposal Services HC30
Coord, General Biology HC31
Coord, Teaching Sci Labs HC32
Admstr, Science Labs HC33
Analyst, Assessment HC34
Analyst, Enrol Svcs Stud HC35
Assoc Dir, Analytics HC37
Coord, Pub & Fed Internsh HC38
Dir, Res Prg Dev&Grant-Col/Sch HC39
Dir, Research Prg Dev, Vet Med HC40
Dir, Chemical Laboratory HC41
Coord, Quality Systems HC42
Asst Dir, Research Compliance HC44
Dir, Proposal Svs & Fac Sup HC45
Asst Dir, Sponsored Prgms Edu HC46
Coord, Accreditation Suppt HC48
Dir, Business Development HC49
Dir, Research-AUHRC HC50
Dir, Instruct & Research Labs HC51
Research Administrator HC53
Coord, Field & Media Rsch HC54
Dir, Academic Assessment HC55
Mgr, Univ Research Security HC56
Mgr, Field Research HC57
Assoc Dir, Proposl Svs&Fac Sup HC58
Dir, Sponsored Programs HC59
Asst Dir, Sponsored Programs HC60
Asst Dir, ARTF HC61
eRA Administrator HC62
Assessment Specialist HC63
Coord, Assessment and Res HC64
Analyst, Business Admin HC65
Research Integrity Officer HC66
Mgr, NCAT Test Track HC67
Assoc Dir, Research Compliance HC68
Mgr, Research Compliance HC69
Supv, Vet Hospital Svc Support IA02
Supv, Surgical Services IA03
Diagnostic Microbiologist IA04
Dir, Hospital/Clinic IA05
Dir, Lab Animal Health Div IA06
Dir, Vet Sports Medicine Prgm IA07
Supv, Farm IA08
Mgr, Animal Care Unit IA09
Mgr, Radiology Services IA10
Mgr, Plasma Rsch Production IA13
Assoc Dir, Lab Animal Health IA14
Asst Supv, Farm IA15
University Veterinarian IA16
Dir, Critical Care Nursing IA17

Dir, Canine Perform Sciences IA18
Mgr, Client Services IA19
Hospital Administrator,Vet Med IA20
Asst Supv, Vet Hosp Svc Supprt IA21
Univ Vet & Dir Lab Anim Health IA22
Dir, Medicine & Surgery IA23
Dir, Perioperative Services IA24
Medical Records Clerk IB01
Medical Transcriptionist IB02
Mgr, Hospital Admin Spt Svcs IB03
Supv, Medical Records IB04
Veterinary Accounts Assist IB06
Referral Liaison IB07
Client Advocate, Vet School IB08
Medical Billing Auditor IB09
Medical Technologist IC01
Tech, Histological IC04
Tech, Diagnostic Imag IC05
Asst, Vet Ultrasound IC06
Tech, Plasma IC09
Lead Medical Technologist IC10
Asst, Veterinary IC11
Tech, Veterinary IC12
Spec, Vet Tech IC13
Canine Rehab Specialist IC14
Asst, Vet Lab Animal IC15
Coord, Large Animal Research IC16
Spec, Food Animal IC17
Supv, Food Animal IC18
Tech, Ag-Vet Med ID01
Animal Care Orderly ID02
Animal Care Attendant ID03
Tech, Surgical Serv ID07
Animal Care Technician ID09
Dairy Attendant ID10
Laundry Attendant ID11
Research Engineer JA01
Mechanical Engineer JA02
NCAT Engineer JA03
Electrical Engineer JA04
Master Plan Implement CE JA07
Civil Engineer JA08
Energy Engineer JA09
University Engineer JA10
Coord, Cad Op-GPS Data JB01
Tech, Engineering JB03
Mgr, Analytical Instrument JB04
Cad Operator JB05
Accountant KA01
Mgr, Development Acct KA02
Spec, Non-Res Alien Tax KA03
Dir, Ag Bus&Fiscal Admin KA05

Accountant, Financial Rept KA06
Accountant, Central KA07
Asst Dir, Development Acct KA10
Asst Dir, Payroll&Emp Benefits KA11
VP, Bus & Fin and CFO KA12
Asst Dir, Payment Services KA13
Dir, Alumni Accounting KA14
Dir, Budget Services KA15
Mgr, Accounting, Department KA16
Asst Controller KA18
Dir, Financial Services KA19
Exec Dir, Payroll&Emp Benefits KA20
Mgr, Accounting, Central KA21
Controller KA22
Mgr, Billing and Receivables KA23
Asst Dir, Fiscal Admin KA26
Dir, Management Accounting KA28
Mgr, Financial Reporting KA29
Mgr, Fin/Int'l Payroll Tax KA31
Dir, Employee Benefits KA32
Mgr, Payroll KA33
Mgr, Employee Benefits KA35
Spec, Electronic Pay Svcs KA37
Mgr, Fin Report & Property Svs KA38
Analyst, IRF Finance Rept KA39
Tax Accountant KA40
Asst Mgr, Payroll KA41
Assoc Dir, Development Acct KA42
Dir, Provost Budget Svcs KA43
Mgr, Aux Acct & Tigercard KA44
Exec Dir,Student Financial Svs KB01
Asst Dir, Stu Fin Svc-Billing KB02
Advisor, Financial Aid KB03
Coord, Fin Aid Services KB04
Mgr, Student Loans KB05
Asst Dir, Stu Fin Svc-Fin Aid KB06
Mgr, Fin Aid Services KB07
Mgr, Student Billing Services KB08
Coord, Veterans Res Ctr KB09
Supv, Student Billing Services KB10
Dir, Internal Audit KC01
Mgr, Internal Audit KC02
Internal Auditor KC03
Mgr, Info Tech Audit KC04
IT Systems Auditor KC06
Spec, Compliance KC07
Assoc VP, Intl Aud, Compl,&Priv KC08
Dir, Endowment Investment Off KD01
Asst Dir, Treas Svcs Endw Mgmt KD04
Dir, Development Accounting KD05
Dir, Cash Management&Treasury KD06
Asst Dir, Cash Management KD07

Endwmnt Investment Analyst KD08
Endwmnt Accounting Analyst KD09
Admstr, Intl Contract&Grant KE01
Dir, Contract&Grant Acct KE02
Asst Dir, Contract&Grant Acct KE04
Spec, Contracts and Grants KE05
Grant Writer KE06
Coord, Learn Resc Ctr Svcs LA01
Library Associate LA02
Library Assistant LB01
Spec, Library Technical LB02
Exec Dir, Office of Info Tech MA01
Assoc Exec Dir, OIT MA02
Dir, Info Tech MA03
Mgr, Info Tech MA04
Mgr, Info Tech Project MA07
Dir, Info Tech (Unit) MA12
Spec, Applications Systems MA13
Spec, Info Tech MA14
Assoc Dir, I.T. ACES, AG MA15
Dir, Univ Wide Information Sys MA16
Chief Information Officer MA17
Mgr, Voice Telecommunications MB02
Assoc, Telecom Technology MB04
Spec, Voice Telecom MB05
Computer Ops Sup Spec MC01
Security Svcs Rep NA02
University Mail Carrier NA03
Truck Driver NA04
Inventory Control Clerk NA05
Rep, Parking Services NA06
Asst, Automotive Mechanic NA07
Groundskeeper NA08
University Mail Clerk NA09
Tech, Service Support NA10
Tech, Floor Care/Custodian NA11
Custodian NA12
Courier NA13
Tech, Athletic Grounds NA14
Bldg Specialist NA15
Uniform Custodian NA17
Housekeeper NA18
Tech, Solid Waste NA20
Tech, Recycling NA23
Tech, Aquatics NB01
Tech, Sign NB02
Supv, Building Operations NB03
Assoc, Greenhouse NB04
Tech, Construction NB05
Tech, Athletic Structure NB06
Supv, Plumbing NB07
Supv, Construction NB08

Tech, Security NB09
Supv, Asbestos NB10
Supv, Heavy Equipment & Const NB11
Tech, Irrigation NB12
Tech, Sheet Metal NB13
Steam Plant Operator NB14
Supv, Electrician NB15
Tech, Furn Refin/Auto Body NB18
Pesticide Applicator NB19
Insulator NB20
Painter NB21
Asst Supv, Mechanical NB22
Supv, Mechanical NB23
Supv, Security Services NB24
Supv, Utility Services NB25
Asst Supv, Paint & Sign Shop NB26
Supv, Paint & Sign Shop NB27
Roofer NB30
Supv, Automotive Shop NB31
Supv, Security Tech NB32
Supv, Electrical Distribution NB33
Tech, Asbestos NB34
Supv, Work Management NB35
Asst Supv, Facility Maint NB36
Supv, Landscape NB37
Supv, Roofing Shop NB38
Supv, Carpentry NB39
Coord, Greenhouse NB40
Automotive Mechanic NB41
Cabinet Maker NB42
Carpenter NB43
Heavy Equipment Operator NB44
Tech, HVAC NB45
Steam Plant Mechanic NB46
Small Engine Mechanic NB47
Supv, Parking Services NB48
Plumber NB49
Tech, Electronic NB50
Electrician NB51
Chilled Water Mechanic NB54
Tech, Academic Trades NB55
Supv, Custodian NB56
Asst Supv, Heavy Equip & Const NB57
NCAT Driver NB59
Tech, Utilities NB61
Lineman, Electrical Distrib NB62
Glass Blower NB63
Tech, Utilities Operations NB64
Asst Supv, Security Tech NB65
Spec, Utilities Records NB66
Supv, Plant Operations NB67
Supv, Irrigation NB68

CNC Machinist NB69
Incinerator Operator NB70
Asst Supv, Asbestos NB71
Asst Supv, Carpentry NB72
Supv, Service Support NB73
Const & Heavy Machine Op NB74
Asst Supv, Plumbing NB75
Asst Supv, Construction NB76
Tech, Infrastructure NB77
Asst Supv, Security Services NB78
Dispatcher, Transportation NB79
Asst Supv, Electrician NB80
Supv, Ath Fac Maintenance NB81
Asst Supv, Service Support NB82
Supv, Recycl & Waste Reduction NB83
Coord, Custodial Services Proj NB84
Asst Supv, Preventive Maint NB85
Mgr, Custodial Serv, AUX Ent NB86
Asst Supv, Custodian NB87
Supv, Building Specialists NB88
Interior Designer NC04
Dir, Property Mgt, Aux NC05
Estimator NC06
Mgr, Campus Mech & Elec Sys NC07
Mgr, Athletic Turf NC08
Dir, Campus Plan & Space Mgt NC09
Mgr, Project Design NC10
Horticulturist NC11
Mgr, Parking Services NC12
Coord, M&O Projects NC13
Dir, Capital Projects NC14
Coord, Design/Construction NC15
Supt, Construction NC16
Asst Mgr, Construction Project NC18
Exec Dir, Facilities Ops NC19
Exec Dir, Design&Construction NC20
Asst Dir, Construction Svcs NC21
Mgr, Project Construction NC23
Mgr, Construction Trades NC24
Assoc VP, Facilities NC26
Dir, Univ Housing & Res Life NC27
Mgr, Utilities NC28
Supt, Landscape Services NC29
Univ Architect/Dir Fac Design NC31
Mgr, Facilities Operations NC32
Asst Mgr, Building Svcs Ops NC33
Mgr, Ath Event Fac Ops NC34
Coord, Building Operations NC37
Dir, Campus Services NC38
Mgr, Ag/ AAES Land & Fac Mgt NC39
Asst Dir, Design Support NC40
Project Inspector NC42

Asst Dir, Design&Const Svcs NC44
Mgr, Scientific Supply NC45
Mgr, Energy NC46
Mgr, Space Management NC47
Campus Planner NC48
Spec, Campus Planning NC49
Coord, Recycle&Waste Reduc NC50
Mgr, Housing Operations NC51
Campus Architect NC52
Mgr, Building Plan & Systems NC54
Supt, Plant Operations NC55
Mgr, Facilities Project NC56
Space Planner NC57
Chief Estimator NC58
Mgr, Contract Services NC60
Asst Mgr, Facilities Operation NC61
Supt, Maint & Mech Svs NC63
Project Expeditor NC64
Assoc Dir, Ag Land Res Mngt NC65
Mgr, Recycle & Waste Reduction NC66
Mgr, Design & Const Contracts NC67
Dir, Maintenance NC68
Dir, Utilities & Energy NC69
Dir, Prog Mngt&Proj Execution NC70
Facilities Program Manager NC71
Dir, Design Services NC72
Dir, Construction Management NC73
Asst Dir, Campus Services NC74
Coord, Campus Relocation NC75
Asst Dir, Maintenance NC76
Asst Dir, Design Services NC79
Mgr, InHouse Design NC80
Asst Dir, Construction Mngt NC81
University Arborist NC82
Asst Dir, Utilities & Energy NC83
Coord, FAC Special Projects NC84
Analyst, Utilities &Energy NC85
Mgr, Construction Operations NC86
Mgr, Preventive Maint NC88
Coord, Office of Univ Arch NC89
Coord, Rural Studio Shop NC90
Coord, Rural Studio Const NC91
University Architect NC92
Mgr, Custodial Svcs Operations NC93
Spec, Energy Management NC94
Coord, Campus Services NC97
Asst Mgr, Cust Svcs Aux Ent NC98
Asst Dir, University Housing NC99
Mgr, In-House Construction ND01
VP, Development OA01
Mgr., Development Support OA02
Asst VP, Development OA03

Development Officer OA05
Coord, Development Prog OA06
Dir, Development OA07
Spec, Development Research OA08
Assoc VP, Development OA09
Sr Dir, Gift Planning OA11
Mgr, Univ Dev&Strategic Prites OA12
Coord, Donor Events OA13
Assoc VP, Development Ops OA14
Mgr, Donor Relations OA16
Assoc, Development OA17
Mgr, Development Rsch&Records OA18
Asst Mgr, Donor Relations OA20
Coord, Acknowledgement Process OA21
Asst Mgr, Dev Rsch & Records OA22
Membership Officer OA24
Development Support Specialist OA25
Sr Assoc VP, Development OA26
Asst VP, Dev Comm & Marketing OA28
Digital Philanthropy Strat OA29
Dir, Development Strat & Org OA30
Assoc VP, Comm Mktg & Campaign OA31
Campaign Specialist OA32
Sr Dir, Development OA33
Mgr, Business Development OA34
Mgr, Office of Gifts & Records OA35
Asst Mgr, Office Gifts & Rec OA36
Supv, Call Center OA37
Prospect Analyst OA38
VP, Alumni Affairs OB01
Coord, Alumni Programs OB02
Mgr, Alumni Programs OB03
Asst VP, Alumni Affairs OB04
Coord, Alumni Engagement OB05
Dir, Alumni Comm & Marketing OB06
Dir, Alumni Spec Events & Prog OB07
Dir, BusinessOps-AlumniAffairs OB08
Graphic Designer OB09
Spec, Multimedia OC01
Spec, Art Design - Central OC03
Coord, Printing Services OC04
Producer/Director OC05
Chief, Editor OC07
Communications Editor-Ctrl OC08
Asst VP, Univ Comm & Marketing OC10
Mgr, Media Services OC12
Dir, Univ Mktg&Creative Svcs OC13
Photographer OC14
Chief Photographer OC18
Coord, Univ Creative Svcs OC20
Spec, Comm &Marketing-Dept OC22
Dir, Public Affairs OC23

Broadcast Associate OC25
Dir, Comm & Marketing OC26
Spec, Art Design - Dept OC27
Spec, Comm &Marketing-Ctrl OC28
Communications Editor-Dept OC29
Production Assistant OC30
Dir, Media Production OC31
Spec, Media Production OC32
Mgr, Media Production OC33
Asst Dir, Comm & Marketing OC34
Sr Editor, Univ Publications OC35
Mgr, Comm & Marketing OC37
Supv, Audio Visual OC38
Dir, Univ Comm Svcs OC39
Dir, Campus&Community Events OC40
Coord, Campus&Comm Events OC41
Mgr, ACES Comm & Mktg OC42
Asst Supv, Audio Visual OC43
Mgr, University Creative Svcs OC44
TES Trades/Service/Gen Labor T01CE
TES Trades/Service/Gen Labor T01FE
TES Trades/Service/Gen Labor T01RE
TES Trades/Service/Gen Labor T01SE
TES Trades/Service/Gen Labor T01TE
TES Technician T04CE
TES Technician T04FE
TES Technician T04RE
TES Technician T04SE
TES Technician T04TE
TES Administrative Support T05CE
TES Administrative Support T05FE
TES Administrative Support T05RE
TES Administrative Support T05SE
TES Administrative Support T05TE
TES Professional T08CE
TES Professional T08FE
TES Professional T08RE
TES Professional T08SE
TES Professional T08TE
TES Executive T09CE
TES Executive T09FE
TES Executive T09RE
TES Executive T09SE
TES Executive T09TE

Total: 1081