Karla McCormickAssociate Vice President

1550 E. Glenn Ave., Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-4145 | Fax: (334) 844-1617


HR Staff Title Phone
Judie Brown Administrative Support Asst II-Admin 844-4145
Tonya Dupree  Human Resources Generalist III 844-4145
Judy Wilkes Executive Support Assistant II 844-1616

Compensation Title Phone
Shelly Murray Manager, Compensation Administration 844-1635
Julie Lin Admin Support Specialist I - Admin 844-1620
Julene Pugh Specialist III, Compensation and Classification 844-1858
Bailey Burdg Specialist I, Compensation and Classification 844-1601

Employment Title Phone
Chris Thompson Manager, Employment Administration 844-1614
Arlene Brown Specialist III, Employment 844-1613
Takisha Brown Specialist III, Employment 844-1841
Cathy Clark Admin Support Specialist II - Admin 844-1608
Abbi Brown Director, Student and Temporary Staffing Services 844-4145
Phyllis Pruitt Admin Support Assistant II - Admin 844-1612
Pamela Rogers Specialist II, Temporary Employment 844-1609

HR Development Title Phone
William Shannon Director, Human Resource Development 844-4145
Penny Houston Coordinator, Human Resource Development 844-1693

Employee Relations
Title Phone
Sonya Dixon Manager, Employee Relations
Angela Love Specialist III, Employee Relations 844-1577

Records Title Phone
April McFarlin Lead Admin Assistant    844-1615

Payroll and Benefits Title Phone
Beverly Hughes Manager, Payroll 844-1787
Teresa Coker Manager, Employee Benefits  844-1789
Brandy Tucker Assistant Manager, Bi-weekly, Monthly, & Semimonthly Payroll  844-1783
Linda Sanders Retirement Specialist; Disability; Flexible Spending Account 844-1791
Debra Walters Coordinator, Benefits, FMLA Administration, Health and Dental Insurance 844-1779
Sharon Reynolds Payroll, A-G  844-1785
Kelly Steele Payroll, H-O 844-1788
Trista Armstrong Payroll, P-Z 844-1778

Communications Title Phone
Patrick Johnston Specialist III, Communications and Marketing  844-1604

Last updated: 10/17/2017