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University Housing and Residence Life seeks talented, outgoing, and hard-working individuals who have an appreciation for and commitment to working effectively with diverse groups of people. Student staff appointments are for one academic year and selection for Resident Assistants begins in January.

RAs are upper-class undergraduate students (sophomore and above) who work for University Housing and Residence Life. The RAs help residents as they adjust to living on campus, develop a sense of community among residents, and monitor the safety and security of the residence halls. Throughout the year, RAs plan programs for residents, talk with residents about events occurring on campus, assist students in the adjustment to campus living, and ensure that residents are familiar with policies and procedures.

  • Job Responsibilities

    RAs work about 20 hours per week and are on duty one or two times a week, including some weekends. During the academic year, RAs are responsible for building community, mediating conflicts, and encouraging healthy habits with residents. RAs help residents understand University policies and procedures and encourage residents to get involved. RAs must successfully complete all training requirements, including spring and fall training, prior to and while serving in the RA position. RAs report directly to a Graduate Area Coordinator and work with a team of other RAs to conduct duty rounds of residence halls in their neighborhood. All RAs must move into their placement for 2016-2017 by July 22nd to begin Fall Training.

  • Qualifications

    RA candidates must live on campus at Auburn for one semester before applying (current freshman living on campus may apply for positions for the following academic year); have at least a 2.50 GPA; and be in good conduct standing with University Housing and Residence Life and Auburn University. Undergraduate transfer students who were RAs at another campus may have Auburn's residency requirement waived.

  • Compensation

    RAs receive a single room and a meal plan at no cost.

  • Selection Timeline

    RA applications are available November 12th and must be submitted by January 28, 2016. Qualified candidates must be available to participate in RA interview days on February 11th, 12th or 13th.

  • Want to Learn More?

    Interest sessions will be held on the following dates. Interest sessions last approximately 1 hour and during this time you can find out more specifics about the RA job, the benefits, and the selection process. Current RAs will be at interest sessions to answer any questions you may have.

    November 12th at 6pm at Burton Hall

    November 16th at 6pm at Aubie Hall

    November 17th at 6pm at Teague Hall

    December 1st at 6pm at Burton Hall

  • Ready to Apply?

    Click APPLY to be taken to the application. If you encounter any difficulties in completing the application please contact Maureen Young at

  • Want to make sure your application gets our attention?

    Consider attending one of our Writing Skills workshops. Your RA application will include some short essay questions that are limited to 150 words each. At our Writing Skills workshops you will hear from staff at the Miller Writing Center on how to best convey your message in few words. They can assist you in any stage of the process, from formulating your answers to proofreading. Dates and times for workshops will be announced at interest sessions.

During the academic year, the live-in GACs are responsible for overseeing one to seven residence halls and supervising the RA staff. GACs also meet with residents who are involved in violations of residence hall policies and help plan activities for residents.

  • Job Responsibilities

    During the academic year, Graduate Area Coordinators (GACs) are responsible for overseeing a team of Resident Assistants (RAs). GACs participate in an on-call duty rotation and must be able to respond to emergencies when not in class. GACs conduct one-on-one meetings with RAs and weekly team meetings throughout the academic year. GACs assist with staff training, selection, and development, and ensure that all RAs are meeting department expectations.

  • Qualifications

    Graduate Area Coordinators (GACs) are Master's or Ph.D. students enrolled at Auburn University. Prior RA experience is preferred but not required. Graduate students enrolled in higher education, counseling psychology, or related fields will be given priority in hiring decisions.

  • Compensation

    GACs must live in University provided housing (a one or two bedroom apartment) and will be provided a stipend and tuition remission while employed with Residence Life.

  • Work and Living Considerations

    Graduate students must be enrolled for the entire academic year for which they are applying and may not hold internships or other academic obligations outside of the immediate Auburn area. Appointments are for one academic year. GACs may reapply for their position for the following academic year. Graduate students may not serve more than three consecutive years as a GAC. Legal spouses may live with the GAC. No pets, except fish, are allowed.

  • Selection Consideration

    GAC applications are available in mid-January and are due February 20, 2015. All interested graduate students are encouraged to participate in the Placement for Graduate Assistants (PGA) on the Auburn campus. Preference will be given to students accepted in a graduate program at Auburn; however, some job offers may be made contingent on acceptance to Auburn. If you have any questions regarding the GAC selection process, contact Dr. Jessica Koehler.

Current or incoming Resident Assistants are extended the opportunity to serve as a Resident Assistant during our summer semesters. For more information on Summer Resident Assistant opportunities, please contact our Recruitment and Selection Chair for Resident Assistants at

Occasionally Residence Life seeks undergraduate (sophomore class standing or higher) and/or graduate students to fill mid-year vacancies. For more information about current vacancies, contact Maureen Young.