South Donahue (co-ed by floor)

Opened in 2013, South Donahue Hall is home to 400 undergraduate students in five floors of suite-style living. Most South Donahue suites include two bedrooms with private bathroom and a shared living room and kitchenette. There are also a limited number of one bedroom/one bathroom suites and four bedroom/two bathroom suites. Each bedroom is furnished with queen sized bed, desk and chair, chest of drawers and open closet. The living room/common area is furnished with a sofa and side chair, entertainment unit, a wall-mounted 42” flat screen TV, quartz counter with two chairs (or a table and two chairs in ADA units). The kitchen area includes a microwave, refrigerator, sink, cabinet space, and a front-loading, high-efficiency washer and dryer unit. Residents will receive their mail and packages at the mailroom located on the 1st floor. Mail Services provides the mailing address for your new home. The Wellness Kitchen is across the street from South Donahue Hall and a convenience store is located on the first floor. South Donahue Hall does not close at Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks.

South Donahue

Kitchenette - 5' Wide x 9' Long

  • Quartz countertops in kitchenette

Common Area - 11’ Wide x 14’ Long

  • 42" Flat Screen TV
  • TV Stand - 40" Long x 28" High 20" Wide
  • Window - 9' Wide x 7' High

Bedroom - 11' Wide x 12.5' Long

  • Window - 6' Wide x 6' High
  • Desk - 30" High x 4' Wide x 2' Deep
  • Dresser - 4' High x 30" Wide x 18" Deep
    • Drawers - 8" High x 2' Wide x 14" Deep
  • Bed - 5' Wide x 83" Long and 15" frame to floor with 80" matress
  • Closet - 54" Wide x 2' Deep

Bathroom - 6' Long x 5'6" Wide

  • Vanity - 35.5" High x 33" Wide x 21" Deep
  • Shower - 63" Long x 3' Wide
  • 74" Shower Curtain

Washer and Dryer in Suite

South Donahue

Kitchenette - 1.53m Wide x 2.74m Long

  • Quartz countertops in kitchenette

Common Area - 3.35m Wide x 4.27m Long

  • 1m Flat Screen TV
  • TV Stand - 1m Long x 71cm High 51cm Wide
  • Window - 2.74m Wide x 2.13m High

Bedroom - 3.35m Wide x 3.81m Long

  • Window - 1.83m Wide x 1.83m High
  • Desk - 76cm High x 1.22m Wide x 61cm Deep
  • Dresser - 1.22m High x 76cm Wide x 46cm Deep
    • Drawers - 20cm High x 61cm Wide x 34cm Deep
  • Bed - 1.52m Wide x 2.11m Long and 38cm frame to floor with 2.03m matress
  • Closet - 1.37m Wide x 61cm Deep

Bathroom - 1.83m Long x 1.68m Wide

  • Vanity - 91cm High x 84cm Wide x 53cm Deep
  • Shower - 1.6m Long x 91cm Wide
  • 1.88m Shower Curtain

Washer and Dryer in Suite

Last Updated: January 09, 2018