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Alabama State Representative Mark Tuggle


Youíre an Auburn graduate and live near the Auburn area. What makes Auburn special?

Auburn University is special to me for many reasons. My parents met at Auburn. As a young person, I traveled to Auburn with my family for sporting events of all kinds. Seeing such a big and busy place was very exciting for a young person. I get the same feelings today as I visit the campus and see what Auburn University is doing on campus and around the world.

You graduated Auburn with a degree in Forestry. What do you see for the future of the forest products industry in Alabama?

The forest products industry in Alabama is a billion dollar enterprise, employing thousands of people, and is in a constant state of change. Our forests in the State are healthy, diverse, and abundant. Maintaining a diverse mix of timber markets for Alabama landowners is vital to maintaining quality timberland management across the State. Our forest products industry in Alabama is stable but highly dependent on the national and world economies. An improving national economy will help brighten the future of the forest products industry in Alabama. Wood is good.

What lasting life lesson from Auburn has most helped you succeed in your personal and professional life?

Lessons studied in the Auburn School of Forestry included math, science, business, and statistics but what I took away from my time at Auburn was a practical understanding of timberland management. The science of it all is fascinating, but the art of managing timberland is what I learned to enjoy.

Who were your role models growing up?

My grandparents and my parents. I have been blessed with great parents and didnít have to look very far to find worthy role models.

What experience(s) do you cherish the most from your time at Auburn University?

The simplicity of being a college student and the joy of watching Auburn Tiger football with my future wife and fellow Auburn Alum Michelle H. Tuggle.

Last Updated: Aug. 19, 2013

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