Committee Restrictions 2011

Please note the following restrictions on volunteers for membership of the following Senate and University committees in 2011:

Senate Committees:

Academic Program Review
Volunteers are needed from Agriculture, Education, Human Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine only.

Competitive Research Grant
Volunteers should be tenured at the rank of Associate Professor or full Professor and have experience within the past 3 years with federal-agency grant or external prestigious-award panel reviews, or have been a member of a formal external review panel/jury for a major scholarly award/competition). There is no restriction on college/school or discipline, but volunteers are needed from Architecture/Design/Construction, Business, Education, Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Library, Nursing, and Sciences & Mathematics.

Core Curriculum and General Education
Volunteers are needed only from the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, and from Liberal Arts representing the social sciences or humanities.

Volunteers are needed from Architecture/Design/Construction, Veterinary Medicine, Sciences & Mathematics, and Forestry & Wildlife Sciences only.

Faculty Research
Volunteers are needed from Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Architecture/Design/Construction, and Business only.

Graduate Council
Volunteers are needed from Liberal Arts, Engineering, Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Sciences & Mathematics, and Human Sciences only.

Institutional Animal Care and Use
Volunteers representing both animal-user and non-animal-user disciplines are needed.

Volunteers are needed from Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Education, Sciences & Mathematics, Nursing and Architecture/Design/Construction only.

Non Tenure Track Faculty
Tenure-track and nontenure-track faculty, and department head/chair volunteers are needed.

Teaching Effectiveness
Volunteers are needed from Sciences & Mathematics, Agriculture, Library, and Business only.

University Writing
Volunteers are needed from Veterinary Medicine, Human Sciences, Engineering, and Liberal Arts only.

University Committees:

Alumni Professorships
Volunteers must be current or former Alumni Professors.

Design Review
Volunteers must be registered architects/licensed architects/engineers.

Distinguished University Professors
Volunteers must currently hold a titled/chaired professorship.

Institutional Biosafety
Volunteers must have experience and expertise in rDNA technology, and be capable of assessing safety of biological research and identifying potential risk to public health or the environment.

Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects in Research
Volunteers should have similar background/experience of current members whose terms expire in 2011; these are currently from sociology, management, education, clinical practice, and human development.

Post-Tenure Review
Volunteers must be tenured, full Professors.

Promotion and Tenure
Volunteers must be tenured full Professors, and are needed from Education, Architecture/Design/Construction, Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, and Engineering only.

Radiological Safety
Representatives are needed from large radiation sources on campus, as well as individuals knowledgeable of magnetic fields and related safety issues.

Last Updated: May 26, 2011

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