Steering Committee Meeting
November 8, 2012
Samford Hall Room #206
3:30 pm
Robin Jaffe
University Senate Secretary

Bill Sauser, Robin Jaffe, Larry Crowley, Michael Baginski, Judy Sheppard, Don Mulvaney, Emmett Wynn, Paula Bobrowski, Chris Newland

Ann Beth Presley, Larry Teeter, and Laura Plexico

  1. Changes in Agenda

  2. Preview of Paula Bobrowski’s (invited) Research Week presentation (Scheduled for January 15 Senate meeting)
    Research week will be April 1–4 2013
    Presentation and Discussion
    PowerPoint Presentation
    Hand out will be available at Senate Meeting

  3. Introductions

  4. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
    Minutes Approved

  5. Robin Jaffe will represent the Executive Committee on the Brand Steering Committee
    Discussion on what committee is, there charge and the duties.

  6. Discussion of proposed Conflict of Interest Policy
    (Chris Newland invited as Chair of Research Committee)
    Discussion of Conflict of Interest Committee
    Will return to Research Committee to discuss issues brought up by members of Steering Committee
    Committee will review policy each year
    Chris Newland will return and will notify committee when the Policy is ready to be presented

  7. Reminder:  Chance Corbett’s Senate presentation regarding the ALICE program
    (Scheduled for January 15)

  8. Preliminary agenda for January 15 Senate meeting
    Three Action Items:
    Rules Committee Appointments
    Early Alert Mid-Semester Grading
    Change in University Writing Committee membership

Possible Pending Items:
James Goldstein
Resolution on External Residential Fellowships

Chris Newland
Conflict of Interest Policy

Two Information Items:
Chance Corbert: ALICE Program
Research Week Presentation

Other business
No Steering Committee Meeting on November 15. 2012
Nominating Committee for Chair-Elect and Secretary-Elect

Don Mulvaney: Restructuring on Teaching Effectiveness Committee
Resolution to have Teaching Effectiveness Committee oversee of technology and have OIT to be represented on the TEC Committee will review and report

Meeting with Jim Wohl to discuss his leaving Auburn University for a position at University of Connecticut at Storrs, and what could be done to make this a smooth transition.

Meeting Adjourned 5:10 PM