Steering Committee Meeting
September 20, 2012
Samford Hall Room #206
3:30 pm

Robin Jaffe
University Senate Secretary

Bill Sauser, Judy Sheppard, Robin Jaffe, Don Mulvaney, Michael Baginski, Larry Crowley, Jeffrey Dumars, Catherine Love, Richard Guether, Don Andrae

Ann Beth Presley, Larry Teeter, Laura Plexico, and Emmett Wynn

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Approval of minutes of last meeting

Bill Sauser moved to accept minutes as posted
Judy Sheppard seconded
Minutes from September 13, 2012 Steering Committee Meeting Approved

3. Preview of Senate presentation from Traffic and Parking Committee:

Cathy Love, Don Andrae, Jeffrey Dumars

Power Point Presentation due September 25
Suggestions made and discussed after presentation until 4:25 PM

4. Review of Administrator Hiring Resolution

Discussion took place-Changes were made for presentation to Senate at
October 2, 2012 meeting

5. Agenda for October 2 Senate meeting was set

Two Action Items
1) Nomination for Committee Members from Rules
2) Administrator Hiring Resolution

Two information Items
1) Healthy Tiger Program
2) Traffic and Parking Committee

Presentations will be sent to Senate Office by September 25, 2012 to post on Senate Agenda page

6. Agenda for October 9 General Faculty meeting was set

Presentations by
Dr. Gogue, Dr. Boosinger, Dr. Large and Mr. King

7. Interim CVM search (Judy Sheppard)

Discussion took place

8. Strategic Plan Steering Committee: (Bill Sauser)

Larry Crowley will represent Senate on this committee

9. Conflict of Interest Policy (Larry Crowley)

Discussion took place

10. BOT Workshop on Budgetary Issues (Bill Sauser)

Bill Sauser attended workshop and said it was very informative

            Board of Trustees meets at 9:30 am then 11:00 am Full Board Meeting

11. Other Business:

Writing Committee wished to have Director of Writing Center removed
from University Writing Committee because the position reports directly
to the Chair of University Writing Committee as an employee and it is a
redundant position.

University Writing Committee needs to put request in writing.
University Writing Committee will be notified.

Meeting adjourned 4:55 pm