Steering Committee Minutes
May 23, 2013
Samford Hall #206
3:30 p.m.
Robin Jaffe


Larry Crowley, Tim Boosinger, Michael Baginski, Larry Teeter, Don Mulvaney, Judith Sheppard, Robin Jaffe, Nanette Chadwick, Camille Barkley

Bill Sauser, Ann Beth Presley

1.  Welcome and introductions

Larry Crowley

2.  Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting

Minutes were changed and approved
Larry Teeter Moved
Michael Baginski Seconded

3.  Preview of brief presentation of Sustainability Report

Nanette Chadwick
Presented PowerPoint-Ideas for changes were presented by the members of the committee

4. Preview of brief presentation of “This is Auburn”

Camille Barkley
Presented PowerPoint-ideas for what will be changed when presented
Director Barkley will send links to be posted

5.  Status of Rules Committee work and nominations (Jaffe)

Senate Committee Nominees are nearly complete for June 4 Senate meeting

6.  Status of pending action from the Academic Standards Committee (Parr)

This will not be brought up

7.  Status of various initiatives underway

a.  Policy on External Fellowships (referred to Faculty Salaries and Welfare Committee)
Still in Committee

b.  Policy on Conflict of Interest
(Referred to Faculty Research Committee; under review by Office of VP for Research)
Still under review.

c.  James Goldstein’s resolution on annual tenure review

(To be referred to Faculty Handbook Review Committee)
Will be brought up in the fall

d.  Policy on GRA tuition charged to grants and contracts

Will be brought up in the fall

A relatively minor adjustment at this point, issues still need to be reviewed, the question is should funding go to Provost’s office to be able to give money back for new start ups, and are
we missing funds that are available.

e.  Comparison of Auburn’s total faculty compensation with that of peer universities 

(Being assembled by Faculty Salaries and Welfare Committee)
Will be brought up in the fall

8.  Adoption of agenda for June 4 Senate meeting
Call to Order

Establishment of a Quorum
Approval of Minutes from May 7, 2013

Remarks and Announcements

Office of the President
Jay Gogue, President
Office of the Provost
Tim Boosinger, Provost
University Senate Chair
William Sauser
Presentation (PowerPoint)

Action Items

1) Rules Committee: Nominations for University Senate Committees
Presenter: Robin Jaffe, University Senate Secretary
List of Nominations (PDF file)

Action Items Pending

No Action Items Pending

Information Items

1) Communications and Marketing
Presenter: Camille Barkley, Director of University Marketing and Creative Services
This Is Auburn (PowerPoint)
The SimpsonScarborough research is loaded on the OCM Web site on the logo           download site:
(It takes Auburn user name and password to download. The file is the first on the list           called Image and Identification Study.)

2) Office of Sustainability
Presenter: Michael Kensler, Director of Sustainability Operations
Presenter: Nanette Chadwick, Director of Academic Sustainability Program
Sustainability Initiatives on Campus (PowerPoint)

Unfinished Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair

New Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair     

Adjournment: William Sauser, Senate Chair
9.  Other items

Discussion of the Air Management and Flight Training Program
The process is in place and moving forward for review

Adjourned 4:45 pm