Steering Committee Minutes
April 25, 2013
Samford Hall #206
3:30 p.m.
Robin Jaffe


Present: Ann Beth, Laura Plexico, Larry Teeter, Judy Sheppard, Michael Baginski, Larry Crowley, Robin Jaffe, William Sauser, Gisela Buschle-Diller, Michael Kensler, Nanette Chadwick, Stephen Lautz, Brian Parr, David Didion

Absent: Don Mulvaney, Tim Boosinger

1.  Welcome and introductions
Introductions were made which included guests for presentations

4. Preview and Discussion with Sustainability Department members Michael Kensler and Nanette Chadwick
        This will be an Information Item at the June 4, 2013 meeting

5.  Preview of brief presentation of item of pending action from the Academic Standards Committee (Parr)
        This will be brought up as an Action Item Pending for the May 7, 2013

6.  Preview of report from Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (Boudreaux)
        PowerPoint was presented in printed form

7.  Preview of report from Athletics Department Compliance Office

Presentation was discussed about the possible report and that the allegations presented about the grade issues that were investigated thoroughly and rebutted in a statement by the Athletic Department.

Discussion took place on how the information was being presented to the community and to have the President comment on the allegations at the May 7, senate meeting in opening comments.

There was a discussion by Bill Sauser about the External Review Committee that was present to review the Athletic Department and his interview with them representing the Faculty.

Article referred to in discussion of athlete students in summer classes   

2.  Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting

After comments on several small changes in spelling and policy labeling,
Ann Beth Presley moved to have minutes approved with the changes and seconded by Larry Crowley. Minutes were approved.

3.  Status of Rules Committee work and nominations (Jaffe)

Senate Committees are being filled and should be completed in the next few weeks to be presented at June 4, 2013 meeting as an Action Item 


8.  Status of various initiatives underway

a.  Policy on External Fellowships (referred to Faculty Salaries and Welfare Committee)
    This item is moving forward
b.  Policy on Conflict of Interest (referred to Faculty Research Committee;
    This item is under review by Office of VP for Research
    This item is moving forward
c.  James Goldstein’s resolution on annual tenure review
    This item to be referred to Faculty Handbook Review Committee
    Larry Crowley is writing up a charge for the committee
d.  Policy on GRA tuition charged to grants and contracts
    This item referred to Faculty Research Committee; under active discussion
    Report from Senate (Should be Resolved soon)
e.  Comparison of Auburn’s total faculty compensation with that of peer universities
    This information is being assembled by Faculty Salaries and Welfare Committee
    This Report could be ready for an August Report
    Total Faculty Compensation Report (Additional Data-Tier Two)  
    (Alabama 5% match on 403 Accounts)

Discussion of the issues and possible problems that are present in the Benefits Package.

9.  Adoption of agenda for May 7, 2013 Senate meeting
Call to Order
Establishment of a Quorum
Approval of Minutes from April 2, 2013
Remarks and Announcements
Office of the President
Jay Gogue, President
Office of the Provost
Tim Boosinger, Provost
University Senate Chair
William Sauser
Presentation (Link to PowerPoint)
Action Items
No Action Items
Action Items Pending
1) Academic Standards Committee
Presenter: Brian Parr, Chair, Academic Standards Committee
Policy on Classroom Attendance (pdf file)
Information Items  
1) Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
Presenter: Mary Boudreaux, Chair, Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
Report from the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (PowerPoint file)
2) Athletics Compliance Office
Presenter: Stephen Lautz, Associate Athletic Dir. of Compliance
Report from the Athletics Compliance Office 
Progress Toward Degree Requirements (PowerPoint file)
Unfinished Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
New Business: 
William Sauser, Senate Chair
Adjournment: William Sauser, Senate Chair

10.  Presentations planned for June 4 Senate meeting:  Sustainability; “This Is Auburn”
also Nominations for Senate Committees as an Action Item

11.  Other items
Steering Committee for May 9, 2013 will be cancelled
May 23 meeting will be run by Larry Crowley in Bill Sauser’s absence
June 13 and June 20 Steering Committee
June 3 Meeting with President

Additional Items
• Development office asked to present 2017 Campaign information in August
• Recommendation from Michael Baginski chair of the Administrator Review Committee
• Steering committee voted on not to do the reviews of Administrators mandated by the committee this year as requested by the Provost’s office.
• Discussion proceeded on the Online Student Evaluation Questionnaire
• Robin Jaffe presented information and PowerPoint on the work done up to this point on Mell Commons and the Roosevelt Commons as the Senate Representative on the CCF Committee