Steering Committee Minutes
March 21, 2013
Samford Hall #206
3:30 p.m.
Judy Sheppard


Present: Bill Sauser, Larry Crowley, Judy Sheppard, Ann Beth Presley, Larry Teeter, Emmett Winn, Patricia Duffy (2013-2014 chair-elect)

Absent: Laura Plexico, Don Mulvaney, Mike Baginski, Robin Jaffe

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
Approved without objection

3. Agenda for April 2 Senate meeting:

1. Welcome and introductions by Bill Sauser, Chair
2. Comments by President Jay Gogue
3. Comments by Provost Tim Boosinger
4. Comments by Bill Sauser
5. Action items:

• Changes in NR and IN grade policies (see note below)
• Resolution to merge Faculty Welfare and Faculty Salaries committees
(Beth Gurtal and Embry Burrus, chairs) (See note below)
• Resolution from the Teaching Effectiveness Committee to establish the Departmental Award for Excellence in Education: Don Mulvaney
• Resolution to change membership of the Lectures Committee (constitutional amendment)
• Presentation by Sue Barry on Phase III of the Faculty Handbook (see note below)
• Resolution to abolish Faculty Handbook language on the annual evaluation of all non-tenured tenure track faculty by all tenured faculty: James Goldstein

6. No action items pending
7. Unfinished business (Bill)
8. New business (Bill)
9. Adjournment (Bill)

Re NR/IN policy: Patricia Duffy suggested proposing an amendment to the resolution changing the NR/IN policy (requiring request for IN before census, in order to prevent students from trying to avoid suspension). Bill suggested offer the amendment from the floor.

Patricia also suggested fining faculty ($50) for grades not turned in as required.

 Re handbook approval: Emmett noted that only three minor changes had been offered to the handbook since it was posted for discussion. The handbook as voted on will be otherwise exactly as the Senate last saw it. He would forward a PowerPoint presentation to Sue and from there to Robin.

The status of the comparison of the faculty’s total compensation to other universities issue was discussed. If the two committees merge, the issue will be sent to that committee (probably chaired at this point by Embry) in order for a presentation in June.

The faculty conflict of interest policy is still under discussion by the Faculty Research Council.

Patricia raised the issue of a policy affecting conflicts of interest in faculty sitting in on and voting on spouses’ or children’s promotion and tenure discussions. Emmett said the Handbook committee considered the possibility of such a policy but decided against including it.