Steering Committee Meeting
March 7, 2013
Samford Hall Room #206
3:30 pm
Robin Jaffe
University Senate Secretary

Additional Items (9) Submitted:
Judith Sheppard
University Senate Secretary-Elect


Bill Sauser, Larry Crowley, Judy Sheppard, Ann Beth Presley, Robin Jaffe, Mike Baginski, Larry Teeter, Emmett Winn, Dan King

Laura Plexico, Don Mulvaney

Steering AGENDA
March 7, 2013

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting
Minutes were approved without objection

3. Disposition of items from the March 5 Senate meeting
Review of the March 5 Senate Meeting items
A) Calendar Presentation (2014-2015, and 2015-2016)
B) Resolution concerning a moratorium on the “Policy for Inclusion of Tuition in Externally Funded Contracts and Grants” 
C) Changes in NR and IN Grade Policy
D) Change to Membership of Lectures Committee
E) Proposal for Departmental Award for Excellence in Education
F) Faculty Welfare and Faculty Salaries Resolution for Merging
G) New Business Item Motion on Annual Tenure Review

            Discussion on all items, with Item G the most reviewed and discussed having the resolution be sent to Committee for review although resolution has already been reviewed Faculty Handbook and Steering

4. Preview of Dan King’s presentation (for the General Faculty meeting) on the AU parking study

            Presentation was reviewed and approved for General Faculty meeting

5. Adoption of the agenda for the March 19 General Faculty meeting
(Revised order shown developed after March 7, 2013 Steering Committee Meeting)

Call to Order 
Approval of minutes of the October 9, 2012

Remarks and Announcements 
Office of the President
Dr. Jay Gogue, President

Office of the Provost
Dr. Tim Boosinger, Provost

Office of the Ombudsperson
Judge Howard Bryan, Interim Ombudsperson

Information Items
1) AAUP Glenn Howze Academic Freedom Award Presentation
Herb Rotfeld, President of AAUP-Auburn University Chapter

2) Campus Parking Analysis
Dan King, Vice President, Facilities Administration
presentation (pdf)

Remarks and Announcements
University Senate: 
Dr. William Sauser, Senate Chair
presentation (ppt)

University Senate Officer Election Results:
Dr. Larry Crowley, Senate Chair-Elect

New Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
Unfinished Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
Adjournment: William Sauser, Senate Chair

6. Procedure of certification of election results
Secretary and Secretary-Elect will certify results
Chair-Elect will announce results

7. Response to request from Drew Clark
On site team of SACS have requested lunch with faculty members, it was suggested that Steering Committee and Executive Officers of AAUP be invited, also Richard Burt to discuss QEP.

8. Appointment of T&P Appeals Committee
Members of the past Tenure and Promotion Committees were reviewed to create a committee with members needed from Human Sciences, Agriculture, and Liberal Arts.
Members cannot be from the department where the appeals are coming from.

Human Sciences – not from the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences 
Agriculture – not from the Department of Fisheries
Liberal Arts – not from the Department of History

One Person from Present Committee
Two at Large positions       
Three Members from the Colleges

Potential Members were reviewed and discussed.
(Robin Jaffe University Senate Secretary butchered reading names will never be asked to read names at graduation)

9. The committee discussed the agendas and information reports that would be forthcoming, since no major business or votes should occur after the April meeting:

            In May: Mary Boudreaux will be asked to report on the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee. Mike Kensler will report on the AU Office of Sustainability's ranking in the top 8 percent of universities participating in the national STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System) evaluation. This means AU has been given the Silver Star distinction.

            In June: Embry Burrus will be asked to report on total faculty compensation, particularly in terms of comparison to other Alabama universities (the merger of the faculty compensation and faculty salary committees being expected to be decided by Friday).

            A report on the status of the Faculty Research Committee's recommendations on the university's proposed conflict of interest policy.

            Adjourned at 5:10 PM