Steering Committee Meeting
February 21, 2013
Samford Hall Room #206
3:30 pm
Robin Jaffe
University Senate Secretary


Bill Sauser, Larry Crowley, Robin Jaffe, Judy Sheppard, Ann Beth Presley, Mike Baginski, Larry Teeter, Tim Boosinger, Emmett Winn, Chris Newland, Constance Relihan, George Flowers, Rusty Wright, Brian Parr, Don Mulvaney

Laura Plexico


1.  Welcome and introductions

2.  Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting

Minutes from January 31, 2013 was moved for approval by Judy Sheppard and seconded by Ann Beth Presley

Minutes were approved for January 31, 2013 meeting

The order of the agenda was changed to allow persons to be present.

10.  Preview of Mary Boudreaux’s (invited) presentation (scheduled for the March 5 Senate meeting) from the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee—Can this be presented at a later Senate meeting?  March and April will be packed, but May and June will be less busy

12.  Review of Nominating Committee’s report: Chair-elect nominees are Mike Baginski and Patricia Duffy; Secretary-elect nominees are Sanjeev Baskiyar and Margaret Flores

13.  Cheryl Seals will represent us during the review of UNIV courses

14.  Proposed policy on class attendance referred to Academic Standards Committee

15.  Proposed merger of Faculty Compensation and Faculty Welfare Committees is pending—Beth Guertal says “Friday” for presentation at University Senate

16. Other items

Beverly Marshall accepted the invitation to serve on the Huron Review Steering Committee.

3.  Notice of Rusty Wright’s resolution, moved and seconded at the February 12 meeting of the AU Senate.  (It will come up for a vote during the March 5 Senate meeting.)—

Discussion took place and the proposal will be presented at the March 5 Senate   meeting as an Action Item, unless Dr. Wright wanted to postpone to the April meeting.

Dr. Flowers stated that this proposal will not take affect until for proposals submitted by August 14, 2012

4.  Academic Standards Committee Resolution on IN and NR grades—
Brian Parr, Chair

Discussion took place and resolution will be presented at March 5 Senate
meeting as an Action Item pending.

5.  Special Lectures Committee resolution—Constance Relihan, Chair

Discussion took place and resolution will be presented at March 5 Senate
meeting as an Action Item pending, will be presented by Jay Lamar, Director
of Special Lectures.

Small change was made and the item will be presented at March 5 Senate
Meeting as an Action Item pending.

7.  Calendar and Schedules Committee report—Debbie Folkerts, chair
Presentation was made by Robin Jaffe, Member of Calendar and Schedules Committee

Discussion took place on Calendars for 2014-2015 Academic Calendar and
2015-2016 Academic Calendar, to both the addition of a FALL BREAK was
added. The Calendars will be presented at the March 5 Senate meeting
as an Action Item.

6.  Teaching Effectiveness Committee resolution—Don Mulvaney, chair

Discussion of the creation for a Departmental Award for Teaching Effectiveness
The departments will have a lot to document to receive the award, and the
award can not be awarded to a department again with in 5 years.

Announced to possibly begin this Fall. The issues to qualify and make the award
will be very difficult.

This item will be presented at March 5 Senate meeting as an Action Item pending.

8. External Residential Fellowship proposal—Emmett Winn (per James Goldstein and Executive Committee)

 Emmett commented on the proposal that was developed with James
Goldstein and the Auburn AAUP. To provide a way outside of PIL, to allow
newer and younger faculty get a leave.

 The proposal was sent to Faculty Welfare for review.

9.  Status of Conflict of Interest policy being drafted by Research Committee—Chris Newland (invited)

Chris Newland reviewed where the Faculty Research Committee was with
The Conflict of Interest Policy that is being drafted. Deadline for Summer
will be very difficult, but could be presented as an Information Item until
it is ready to be voted on. Discussion took place and questions were asked
about the policy.

11.  Adoption of the agenda for the March 5 Senate meeting
Remarks and Announcements
Office of the President
Tim Boosinger, Provost
University Senate Chair
William Sauser
Presentation (ppt file)
Action Items
1) Calendar and Schedules Committee
Presenters: Debbie Folkerts, Chair and Robin Jaffe, Member
Academic Calendar 2014-2015 (pdf)
2014-15 Academic pdf
Academic Calendar 2015-2016 (pdf)
2015-16 Academic pdf

2) Resolution
Presenter: Rusty Wright, Senator, Fisheries & Allied Aquaculture
Resolution concerning a moratorium on the “Policy for Inclusion of Tuition in Externally Funded Contracts and Grants” (word file)
Action Items Pending
1) Changes in NR and IN Grade Policy
Presenter: Brian Parr, Chair Academic Standards Committee 
Proposal Memo (word file)
Proposal presentation (ppt)
2) Change to Membership of Lectures Committee
Presenter: Jay Lamar, Director, Special Programs
Special Programs Draft Proposal (word file)
3) Teaching Effectiveness Committee Resolution
Presenter: Don Mulvaney, Chair
TEC Draft Resolution (pdf)
Proposal for Departmental Award for Excellence in Education (pdf)
4) Faculty Welfare and Faculty Salaries Resolution for Merging
Presenters: Elizabeth Guertal, Chair Faculty Welfare
Embry Burrus, Chair Faculty Salaries
Resolution/proposal (word file)

Information Items 
No information items.

Unfinished Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
New Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
Adjournment: William Sauser, Senate 
16.  Other items
Discussion of ContinuousHealth
A letter will be written by Judy Sheppard on behalf of Executive Committee
This will be brought up with the President at the Meeting on March 4, 2013

Meeting Adjourned at 4:51 pm