October 11, 2012
Senate Steering Committee
3:30 pm Samford #206


  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
  3. Preview of Tim Gore’s and Jessica Large’s  Senate presentation (Nov 6) regarding faculty/staff memberships to the new Wellness Center
  4. Preview of Chance Corbett’s Senate presentation (Nov 6) regarding the ALICE program
  5. Preview of Dan King’s Senate presentation (Nov 6) regarding the Central Classroom Facility
  6. Agenda for November 6 Senate meeting
  7. Appointment of members of (1) COSAM dean search committee, and (2) Dr. Don Conner’s 5-year chair administrator evaluation committee
  8. Comments re: Administrator Evaluation (share Dr. Gogue’s insights with Mike Baginski)
  9. Cancellation of Steering Committee meeting scheduled for October 25
  10. Other business