Steering AGENDA
February 21, 2013

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting
  3. Notice of Rusty White’s resolution, moved and seconded at the February 12 meeting of the AU Senate.  (It will come up for a vote during the March 5 Senate meeting.)—Rusty, you are invited to attend the meeting if you wish, since the issue has been brought to the attention of the Research Committee and Chris Newland will be in attendance.
  4. Academic Standards Committee Resolution on IN and NR grades—Brian Parr, chair (invited)
  5. Special Lectures Committee resolution—Constance Relihan, chair (invited)
  6. Teaching Effectiveness Committee resolution—Don Mulvaney, chair (invited)
  7. Calendar Committee report—Debbie Folkerts, chair (invited)
  8. External Residential Fellowship proposal—Emmett Winn (per James Goldstein and Executive Committee)
  9. Status of Conflict of Interest policy being drafted by Research Committee—Chris Newland (invited)
  10. Preview of Mary Boudreaux’s (invited) presentation (scheduled for the March 5 Senate meeting) from the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee—Can this be presented at a later Senate meeting?  March and April will be packed, but May and June will be less busy.
  11. Adoption of the agenda for the March 5 Senate meeting
  12. Review of Nominating Committee’s report:  Chair-elect nominees are Mike Baginski and Patricia Duffy; Secretary-elect nominees are Sanjeev Baskiyar and Margaret Flores
  13. Cheryl Seals will represent us during the review of UNIV courses
  14. Proposed policy on class attendance referred to Academic Standards Committee
  15. Proposed merger of Faculty Compensation and Faculty Welfare Committees is pending—Beth Guertal says “Friday”
  16. Other items