Steering AGENDA
January 10, 2013

1.  Approval of minutes from previous meeting
2.  Status of committee appointments
3.  Status of Ombuds search and draft ad
4. An exception to the Administrator Hiring Guidelines
5.  Appointment to the Faculty Development Programs Review Steering Committee
6.  Status of discussion of Lecturers teaching certain graduate courses
7.  Resolution from Teaching Effectiveness Committee
8.  Proposed resolution from James Goldstein
9.  Agenda for January 15 Senate meeting
10.  Nominating Committee suggestions
11.  Executive Committee action:
          a.  SACS review team chair’s visit
            (Can Larry attend the general meeting as my substitute?)
          b.  Recommendations on PIL applications
          c.  Agenda items for January 14 meeting with Dr. Gogue
          d.  Request for meeting from ALDP Fellows
          e.  Memo re: Biggio Center
          f.  Memo re: Strategic Planning Sessions
          g.  Memo re: Spring 2013 Administrator reviews
12.  Other items of business as needed