Steering Committee Meeting
January 10, 2013
Samford Hall Room #206
3:30 pm
Robin Jaffe
University Senate Secretary

Bill Sauser, Robin Jaffe, Larry Crowley, Judith Sheppard, Emmett Wynn, Larry Teeter,
Michael Baginski, Don Mulvaney, Laura Plexico

Ann Beth Presley


1.  Approval of minutes from previous meeting

Moved by Larry Crowley
Seconded by Judith Sheppard
Minutes approved

2.  Status of committee appointments

Replacements for all committee vacancies for have been filled.
The replacements were for the Senate Graduate Council, Faculty Grievance, Core Curriculum and General Education Committees and the University Traffic Appeals Committee.

Discussion on how appointments and approval of committee appointments are carried out and if this can be stream lined, so Rules Committee action could be final approval instead of University Senate. Although, it is stated in the Senate Constitution that in case of absence of Senate, the Rules Committee can appoint committee members. An amendment to the constitution will be needed to have the action take place.

3.  Status of Ombuds search and draft ad

Discussion took place, Viewed ad for position and discussed changes in position, as it presently exists. Committee is moving forward. Comments were made by Emmett Wynn.

Most common for the Ombuds position reports directly to President.
Position will be a 12 month position. Will add certification to document.

Search Committee will meet next Wednesday.

3.5  An exception to the Administrator Hiring Guidelines

Discussion took place concerning the Provost’s choice to have Dan Givens to
stay in position as interim Associate Dean at Vet College while he also applying
for the position. Exception will be make and announced to Senate.

Bill asked Michael Baginski as Chair Administrative Evaluation Committee to develop
and investigate best practices for hiring administrators. This suggestion came from
Larry Crowley, Chair-Elect.

4.  Appointment to the Faculty Development Programs Review Steering Committee

Discussion on the development of a Focus Group (an external review) named Faculty Development Program Review Steering Committee, to review our faculty development programs.

(Tim Boosinger came in to discuss the Strategic Planning Sessions and Senate’s participation
in the meetings.) Item 10 e.

            Laura Plexico was appointed to the Committee to represent the Senate.

5.  Status of discussion of Lecturers teaching certain graduate courses

Discussion took place and the question will be sent to Graduate Council for answer.

6.  Resolution from Teaching Effectiveness Committee

Discussion took place, two items were discussed

1) The Resolution to add members to the Teaching Effectiveness Committee will be       brought to the January Senate Meeting as an action item pending.

2) Teaching Effectiveness Committee Department Award recognizing a department/unit for its work it has done was developed and funding is being looked for from the Provost's Office/Biggio’s Center. Members should review document and let committee Chair Don Mulvaney know your thoughts.

7.  Proposed resolution from James Goldstein

Discussion on the resolution to eliminate from the Faculty Handbook the Requirements for Tenured Faculty to evaluate all non-tenured faculty on a yearly basis. It was decided not to bring anything to the Senate from Steering on this matter.

8.  Agenda for January 15 Senate meeting

Agenda discussed and set.

9.  Nominating Committee suggestions

Committee members were recommended.

10.  Executive Committee action: All items were discussed

a.  SACS review team chair’s visit

Discussion of the visit- AAUP and Academic Freedom issues
Documentation needed
27 issues not incompliance

b.  Recommendations on PIL applications

Funding for all projects were approved, with limitations

c.  Agenda items for January 14 meeting with Dr. Gogue

Suggested Items
SACS, Trustees, Alabama Legislative

d.  Request for meeting from ALDP Fellows

Meeting set for January 17, 2013

e.  Memo re: Biggio Center

Memo on Biggio Center change and search of Director

f.  Memo re: Strategic Planning Sessions

Discussion on 10 sessions though out the state and if each of the senate leaders could attend, and then have senior members attend if a Senate Leader cannot attend.
All dates were filled. Memo from Julie Huff will be attending all meetings.

g.  Memo re: Spring 2013 Administrator reviews

Last set of Administrator reviews are being started, 6 members from steering committee             volunteered for the review committees.

12.  Other items of business as needed


Adjournment at 5:00 pm