Meeting Minutes of the Steering Committee
2 November 2011
3:30 p.m. Provost’s Conference Room 206 Samford Hall
(by Larry Crowley, Secretary)


In Attendance: Nedret Billor, Michael Baginski , Tim Boosinger (arrived 4:25), Larry Crowley, Claire Crutchley, Robin Jaffe (arrived 4:20),  Laura Plexico, Ann Beth Pressley (by phone), Bill Sauser, Andy Wohrley
Guests: Emmett Winn, Constance Relihan, George Flowers
Absent: None without substitute

-- The meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm

-- The meeting minutes of Oct 5, 2011 Steering Committee were approved as written.

--There was a discussion with Constance Relihan about the implementation of the Core Curriculum being more restrictive than necessary in part due to the need for departments to assure that the students are satisfying the specified 11 learning outcomes currently associated with the Core in order to graduate.  It was noted that Degree Works software will help with these concerns and Constance holds regular norming session for advising with the colleges, but the central issue is probably Auburn has too many learning outcomes through the Core.  It was suggested that perhaps 5 learning outcomes could be more workable and should be addressed by the Core/Gen. Ed. Committee during the spring.

--George Flowers briefed the committee on the draft changes to Tuition Fellowship Program dated October 3, 2011.  Details of the draft changes are still being worked out and would prefer not brief the full senate during the next meeting.

-- It was noted that Bliss Bailey has provided immediate test scoring to faculty through the email system.

-- Bill Sauser indicated that Faculty Handbook Phase II changes are well underway.

-- Senate agenda was finalized with one action item: 
Action 1) Calendar changes for graduation on the existing academic calendars and the proposal for the 2014-2015 calendar to be presented by Dana Caudle, Chair of the Calendar Committee

One information items will be on the agenda:
Information 1) Draft Social Media Policy to be presented by Emmett Winn, Associate Provost

-- Potential Topics for monthly meeting with the President includes: Provost Search, Profitability of Auburn’s Tech Transfer, Korean Studies Program, University Club and Bruno’s Purchase.

-- The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm