Meeting Minutes of the Steering Committee
5 October 2011
3:30 p.m. Provost’s Conference Room 206 Samford Hall
(by Larry Crowley, Secretary)


In Attendance: Nedret Billor, Michael Baginski , Tim Boosinger, Larry Crowley, Claire Crutchley, Laura Plexico, Ann Beth Pressley, Bill Sauser, Andy Wohrley
Guests: Emmett Winn, Assoc. Provost; Teresa Gore, Chair of the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Committee, Karla McCormick, Executive Director of Payroll and Employee Benefits
Absent: Robin Jaffe

-- The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm

-- The meeting minutes of Sept 28, 2011 Steering Committee were approved as written.

-- An issue concerning the pay raise for non-tenure track faculty was brought to the attention of the committee by Teresa Gore, Chair of the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Committee. Many of these positions are being paid on multi-fill budget lines and the pay increase was not distributed to this budget line item automatically. After this oversight was brought to the attention of the Provost’s Office budget dollars have been found and reallocated to cover these costs. Emmett Winn will make the necessary contacts to straight out.

-- Brief general discussion concerning the implementation of the lecturer series on campus. Currently only 34 lecturer positions filled across campus. Some confusing exists about roles, requirements and expectations of lecturers at Auburn. Teresa Gore left at the conclusion of this discussion.

-- First meeting of the “Bi-Term” ad-hoc committee will be this Friday. This committee is looking into how to structure courses to fulfill the course-hour requirement on an accelerated timeframe within the semester. School of Accountancy is currently providing this class structure to accommodate co-op opportunities with partnered accounting firms.

-- Karla McCormick, Executive Director of Payroll and Employee Benefits came into the meeting to discuss the new benefits structure that will be implemented at Auburn for the upcoming year. The health insurance premiums will have two additional coverage tiers along with adjustments to salary brackets. A cancer policy will be added as well. An audit of dependent eligibility will be conducted at Auburn, where typical experience at other institutions suggest 3 to 8% of dependents are found to be ineligible for benefits when audited.

-- General Faculty meeting agenda for October 25, 2011 was discussed. There will be no action items and speakers will be Dr. Gogue, Ann Beth Presley’s remarks, Don Large with budget and benefit update, Emmett Winn to discuss the central classroom building plans, and Dan King with facilities update.

-- The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm