Meeting Minutes of the Steering Committee
28 June 2012
3:30 p.m.  Room 206 Samford Hall
(by Larry Crowley, Secretary)

In Attendance:  Michael Baginski , Emmett Winn (for Tim Boosinger), Larry Crowley, Claire Crutchley,  Laura Plexico, Ann Beth Presley, and Bill Sauser
Guests: None
Absent: Nedret Billor, Robin Jaffe, Andy Wohrley

-- The meeting was called to order at 3:30 pm

-- The meeting minutes of June 14, 2012 Steering Committee were approved as written.

-- Senate membership to Administrator Review Committees active during Fall Semester

Rick Cook (Outreach) w/ Bill Sauser
Drew Clark (OIRA) w/ Michael Baginski
Peter Schwartz (Eng Chair/Head) w/ Ann Beth Presley
David Rouse (Ag Chair/Head) w/ Claire Crutchley
Don Conner (Ag Chair/Head) w/ Charles Hendricks
Michael Stallings (Eng Chair/Head) w/ Dennis DeVries
Steve Taylor (Ag Chair/Head) w/ Robert Tufts
Curtis Jolly (Ag Chair/Head) w/ Kathryn Flynn
Wayne Greene (Ag Chair/Head) w/ Constance Hendricks
Art Appel (Ag Chair/Head) w/ Laura Plexico
Mary Rudisill (Edu Chair/Head) w/ Russ Muntifering
Vince Ortiz (COSAM Chair/Head) w/ Larry Crowley

-- Replacement candidate for Fraternities and Sororities Committee could be Kelli Watts

-- Review of Senate Committee Charges:


-- The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm