Meeting Minutes of the Steering Committee
31 May 2012
3:30 p.m.  Room 206 Samford Hall
(by Larry Crowley, Secretary)

In Attendance: Michael Baginski , Emmett Winn (for Tim Boosinger), Larry Crowley, Claire Crutchley, Robin Jaffe, Ann Beth Presley, Bill Sauser, Andy Wohrley
Guests: None
Absent: Nedret Billor,  Laura Plexico

-- The meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm

-- The meeting minutes of May 10, 2012 Steering Committee were approved as written.

-- A listing of the Rules Committee nominees for senate committees (updated 5.31.2012) was distributed to the steering committee.  This will be the only action item at the June 5th senate meeting and will be presented by Larry Crowley, Secretary.

-- Discussed committee charge/membership for a newly proposed standing university committee to be known as the Executive Facilities Committee.  Also, there was discussion of why Enrollment Management is not recognized as a standing university committee and some background concerning the Graduation Marshall, currently a faculty member, as continuing chair of the University Graduation Committee.

-- One information item to be presented before the Senate in its June 5th meeting will be Kathryn Flynn, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, will provide information on her program.

-- A second proposed information item is to have Bill Hutto, Airport Director, discuss activities at the AU Airport.  He was contacted during the meeting by email and confirmed his willingness to present prior to the close of the meeting.

-- The last agenda item for the Senate Meeting is to turn over the gavel to the incoming chair, Bill Sauser.

-- The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.