Meeting Minutes of the Steering Committee
17 August 2011
3:30 p.m. Provost’s Conference Room 206 Samford Hall
(by Larry Crowley, Secretary)

In Attendance: Nedret Billor, Michael Baginski , Larry Crowley, Claire Crutchley, Robin Jaffe,  Laura Plexico, Ann Beth Pressley, Bill Sauser, Emmett Winn (Substituting for Tim Boosinger) , Andy Wohrley
Absent: None without substitute

-- The meeting was called to order at 3:37 pm

-- The meeting minutes of August 11, 2011 Steering Committee were approved without change.

-- Senate agenda was finalized with two action items:  Action 1) Additional nominees for senate committees and Action 2) Revision to Handbook Procedures for Rules Committee on university nominations.  Both action items will be presented by Larry Crowley.  Two information items will be on the agenda: Information 1) Auburn University Research Week presented by Paula Brobowski and Information 2) Auburn Internal Grants Program presented by Bruce Smith, Immediate Past Chair of Faculty Research Committee.

-- Potential Topics for monthly meeting with the President were discussed.

-- Senate committee chairmanships were discussed briefly.

-- Proposed Administrative Review Guidelines was reviewed and discussed by steering.

-- The meeting was adjourned at 4:22 pm