Minutes of the Auburn University Senate Meeting
Aug. 27, 2013
3:30 p.m.
Broun Hall Auditorium
Submitted by Senate Secretary Judy Sheppard

A complete transcript is available for this meeting.

Senate Officers
Chair Larry Crowley
Chair-Elect Patricia Duffy
Immediate Past Chair William Sauser
Secretary Judy Sheppard
Secretary Elect Gisela Bushle-Diller

Vice President of Student Affairs Debbie Shaw
Vice President for Research John Mason
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics Nicholas Giordano
Dean, College of Engineering, Chris Roberts
Dean, Graduate School, George Flowers

Ex-Officio Members
Provost, Timothy R. Boosinger
Dean of Libraries, Bonnie MacEwan
SGA President, Harrison Mills
Graduate Student Council President, Frank Sturm
Administrative and Personnel Assembly Chair, Bryan Elmore

Steering Committee
Don Mulvaney
Michael Baginski

Senators by Departments
Accountancy, Robert Cochran
Aerospace Engineering, Andrew Sinclair
Agriculture Economics and Rural Sociology, Valentina Hartarska
AAES, James Bannon
Crops, Soils and Environmental Sciences, Beth Guertal
Animal Sciences, Dale Coleman
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology, Dean Schwartz
Biosystems Engineering, Sushil Adhikari
Building Sciences, Mark Taylor
Chemical Engineering, Allan David
Chemistry, Eduardus Duin
Civil Engineering, Cliff Lange
Communication and Journalism, Robert Agne
Communication Disorders, Daniel Phillips
Consumer Affairs, Wi-Suk Kwon
Economics, Michael Stern
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Thomas Baginski
English, Hilary Wyss
Entomology & Plant Pathology, Leonardo De La Fuente
Finance, Harris Hollans
Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture, Rusty Wright
Foreign Lang & Literatures, Adrienne Angelo
History, Aaron Shapiro
Horticulture, Amy Wright
Human Development & Family Studies, Ellen Abel
Industrial Design, Jerrod Bradley Windham
Library, Pambanisha Leilani Tanisha Whatley
Management, Peter Stanwick
Marketing, James Carver
Mathematics and Statistics, Dmitry Glotov
Mechanical Engineering, Dong-Joo Kim
Music, Matthew Hoch
Nursing, Wm. (Stuart) Pope
Nutrition and Foods, Kevin Huggins
Pharmacal Sciences, Muralikrishnan Dhanasekaran
Pharmacy Practice, Wesley Lindsey
Physics, Mike Bozak
Political Science, Murray Jardine
Polymer/Fiber Engineering, Gwynedd Thomas
Poultry Science, Tung-Shi Huang
ROTC Air Force, Jeffrey Hemmes
ROTC Army, Scott Copeland
ROTC Naval, Paul Michael Esposito
Socio/Anthro/Social Work, Emily Myers
Special Education, Rehab, and Counseling, Jill Meyer
Theater, Chase Bringardner
Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Annette Smith

Absent, sending a substitute: Senator, Substitute:
Art, Barb Bondy, Gary Wagoner
Curriculum and Teaching, Jada Kohlmeier, Brian Parr
Foundations, Leadership and Technology, Lisa Kensler, James Witte
Pathobiology, Vicky van Santen, Bruce F. Smith
Pharmacy Care Systems, Brent Fox, Kimberly B. Garza
Philosophy, Guy Rohrbaugh, Jody Graham
Industrial Engineering, Sean Gallagher, Richard Sesek
Steering Committee, Laura Plexico, Rebecca Pindzola

Absent, without substitute:
ACES, Paul Brown
Architecture, Jocelyn Zanzot
Aviation Management and Logistics, Cliff Defee
Biological Sciences, Bob Locy
Computer Science and Software Engineering, Sanjeev Baskiyar
Forestry and Wildlife Science, Gary Hepp
Geology and Geography, David King
History, Aaron Shapiro
Kinesiology, Leah Robinson
Outreach, Chippewa Thomas
Psychology, Daniel Svetenk
Steering Committee, Larry Teeter
Theatre, Chase BringardnerHuman Sciences Dean, June Henton
Executive Vice President Don Large
Staff Council Chair, Jennifer Richardson


I. Call to order
Larry Crowley called the meeting to order, established a quorum, and reviewed the rules of the Senate.

Minutes of the June 4, 2013 meeting were approved without change.

II. Remarks and announcements

Office of the President: Jay Gogue
Dr. Gogue noted that orientation for 60 new faculty took place last week.
He previewed the next Board of Trustees meeting: the board is expected to approve the 2013-2014 budget, including a 2 percent pay raise (not across-the-board but merit-based; to create two new academic degrees, a master’s in Agricultural Leadership and a Certification in Public Horticulture; to approve the Faculty Handbook.

Among other issues facing the university, Dr. Gogue also mentioned the upcoming health care metrics put into place by the Affordable Healthcare Act; the fact that only 14 percent of our students Pell Grant recipients; concerns about student debt; the need for degrees to lead to jobs; and payback on student loans.
He also noted that 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the desegregation of Auburn University and that faculty should be aware of the many events surrounding it.

Provost’s remarks
Among other facts, Dr. Boosinger announced that Kevin Coonrod has been chosen as the new university ombudsman, and that two new deans have arrived: Nicholas Giardono, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and Joseph A. Aistrup, dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

Chair’s comments
Dr. Crowley welcomed new members to the University Senate, introduced officers, including Parliamentarian Constance Hendricks and Assistant Laura Kloberg, and explained that the Senate functions as the committee of the whole but is guided by 60 other committees, including 32 Senate committees.

Action item:
Acting for the Senate Rules Committee, Secretary Judy Sheppard presented a slate of nominees for several committees. They were approved unanimously. (link to pdf )

Action item:
Dr. Brian Parr, chair of the Academic Standards Committee, brought forward the new classroom attendance and make-up exam policy again. In June, it had been sent back to the committee with objections in order to be brought back and voted on in this meeting. See the classroom attendance presentation.

A number of senators objected to the new policy and said the changes were unclear or unacceptable. University Counsel Lee Armstrong agreed that the lack of clarity could cause grievance problems.
Dr. Crowley called for a vote. The policy was voted down 41-21.

Action item:
Acting for the Senate Rules Committee, Sheppard called for nominations from the floor to fill four vacancies caused by expiration of terms.
These were the nominators and nominees:
William Sauser nominated Peter Stanwick.
Patricia Duffy nominated David King.
Beth Guertal nominated Vicky van Santen.
Gisela Buschle-Diller nominated Lisa Kensler.
Sushil Adhikari nominated Mark Taylor.

Nominations were closed. The five candidates’ biographies will be posted and the Senate will vote on Sept. 17.

Information item:
Dr. Chris Newland, chair of the Faculty Research Committee, informed the Senate that it had again reviewed the new policy reducing the waiver of graduate research students’ tuition for external grants. The presentation may be seen here.

New business
Senate officers Judy Larry Crowley, Judy Sheppard, Patricia Duffy and Gisela Buschle-Diller surprised William Sauser with a thank-you plaque for exemplary service to the faculty, outgoing secretary Robin Jaffe with an Oscar statuette for best performance as AU Senate Secretary, and Senate Assistant Laura Kloberg with a framed certificate of appreciation.

Jill Meyer, the senator from Special Education, Rehab and Counseling, said that the Princeton Review has ranked Auburn University in the 20 least friendly campuses for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender individuals. The question was asked what will be done to address this ranking, including offering domestic partnership benefits. Dr. Gwynedd Thomas said that the campus had been supportive of her.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.