Minutes of the University Senate Meeting
August 21, 2012
3:30 p.m.
Broun Hall Auditorium
Faithfully Submitted by:
Robin Jaffe, University Senate Secretary


For Complete Transcript of August 21, 2012 University Senate Meeting.

A pdf copy of the Senators attending the August 21 meeting.


Senate Officers
Chair           Bill Sauser           
Chair-elect    Larry Crowley
Secretary       Robin Jaffe
Secretary-elect         Judy Sheppard
Immediate Past-Chair         Ann Beth Presley
Dean, College of Agriculture, William Batchelor    
Dean, CADC, Vini Nathan 
Dean, College of Business, Bill Hardgrave          
Interim Dean, COSAM, Chuck Savrda 
Dean, College of Education, Betty Lou Whitford
Dean, Harrison School of Pharmacy, R. Lee Evans
Dean, School of Forestry
& Wildlife Sciences, Jim Shepard
Dean, Graduate School, George Flowers       

Ex-Officio Members
Provost,  Timothy R. Boosinger
Dean of Libraries, Bonnie MacEwan
GSC President, Glenn Hughes
Steering Committee, Don Mulvaney
Steering Committee, Michael Baginski

Senators by Departments
Accountancy, Robert Cochran
Aerospace Engineering, Andrew Sinclair
AAES, Jim Bannon
Agronomy & Soils, Scott McElroy
Animal Sciences, Dale Coleman
Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology, Dean Schwartz
Architecture, Joselyn Zanzot
Art, Gary Wagoner
Biological Sciences, Bob Locy
Building Sciences, Mark Taylor
Chemistry, Eduardus Duin
Civil Engineering, Cliff Lange
Communication and Journalism, Robert Agne
Computer Science & Software Engineering, Sanjeev Baskiyar
Consumer Affairs, Wi-Suk Kwon
Economics, Michael Stern
Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology, Lisa Kensler
Electrical & Computer Engineering, Thomas Baginski                
English, James Goldstein
Entomology & Plant Pathology, Leonardo De La Fuente
Finance, Harris Hollans
Foreign Lang & Literatures, Adrienne Angelo
History, Aaron Shapiro
Horticulture, Fenny Dane
Human Development & Family Studies, Ellen Abell
Kinesiology, Jared Russell
Library, Prambanisha King Whaley
Management, Peter Stanwick
Mathematics and Statistics, Dmitry Glotov
Music, Doug Rosener
Nursing, Wm. (Stuart) Pope
Nutrition & Foods, Suresh Mathews
Outreach, Chippewa Thomas
Pathobiology, Vicky van Santen
Pharmacal Sciences, Forest Smith
Pharmacy Practice, Wesley Lindsey
Philosophy , Guy Rohrbaugh
Physics, Mike Bozack
Political Science, Murray Jardine
ROTC Army, Scott Copeland
Socio/Anthro/Social Work, Emily Myers
Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Annette Smith

Absent, sending a substitute: Senator, Substitute

Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Anne-Katrin Gramberg: Jeremy Downes
Steering Committee,  Laura Plexico: Allison Plumb
Biosystems Engineering, Sushil Adhikari: Oladiran Fasina
Chemical Engineering, Steve Duke: William Ashurst
Communication Disorders, Daniel Phillips: Nancy Haak
Geology & Geography, Bill Hames: David King
Industrial Engineering, Jerry Davis: Fadel Megahed
Pharmacy Care Systems, Brent Fox: Jan Kavoo Kjian
Psychology, TBA: Bud Barker
ROTC Naval, Richard Fox: Kythia Stofer
Theatre, Chase Bringardner: Adrienne Wilson

Absent, no substitute:

SGA President, Owen Parrish    Absent
Staff Council Chair, Joseph Ellis    Absent
A&P Assembly Chair, Chuck Hunt    Absent
Steering Committee, Larry Teeter    Absent
Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology, TBA    Absent
ACES, Paul Brown    Absent
Aviation Management & Logistics, TBA    Absent
Curriculum & Teaching, Jada Kohlmeier    Absent
Forestry & Wildlife Science, Gary Hepp    Absent
Industrial Design, Jerod Windham    Absent
Marketing, Herb Rotfeld     Absent
Mechanical Engineering, Bart Prorok    Absent
Polymer/Fiber Engineering, Gwynedd Thomas    Absent
Poultry Science, Shelly McKee    Absent
Special Ed. Rehabilitation Counseling/School Psych, TBA    Absent
ROTC Air Force, TBA    Absent

Call to Order

• William Sauser called the meeting to order, reviewed the rules of the senate, and a quorum was established.
• Minutes from June 5, 2012 Senate Meeting were accepted as posted without change.

Remarks and Announcements

Office of the President
Presented by: Timothy Boosinger, Provost

University Senate Chair
William Sauser
For link to presentation go to http://www.auburn.edu/administration/governance/senate/website/agendas/2012-2013/agn_08_21_12.html

Senate Chair's Report (ppt)

Action Items

No action items

Action Items Pending

No action items pending

Information Items  
Presentations were made and reviewed, there was a small amount of questions and discussion.
For links to presentations go to http://www.auburn.edu/administration/governance/senate/website/agendas/2012-2013/agn_08_21_12.html

1) University Ombuds Office Report
   Presented by: Jim Wohl, University Ombudsperson
  Ombuds Executive Summary Report [graphs] (pdf)
  Ombuds 2011-12 Report (pdf)
  Ombuds presentation (ppt)

2) E-Portfolio Project: Auburn University's SACS Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
   Presented by: Richard Burt, Chair of the QEP Development Committee
  e-portfolio presentation (ppt)

3) Health Sciences Task Force Status Report
   Presented by: Calvin Johnson, Chair, Health Sciences Task Force
   presentation of Health Sciences Task Force (pdf)

Unfinished Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
New Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair

Adjournment: William Sauser, Senate Chair
Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm