University Senate
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Broun Hall Auditorium
3:30 p.m.


Call to Order

Establishment of a Quorum.

Approval of Minutes from November 6, 2012 Meeting

Remarks and Announcements

Office of the President
         Dr. Gogue, President

University Senate Chair
        William Sauser
         presentation (ppt)

Action Items

  1. Rules Committee
    Presenter: Robin Jaffe, Senate Secretary
    committee appointments (word file)

  2. Core Curriculum and General Education Committee
    Presenter: Constance Relihan, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies
    Chair, Core Curriculum and General Education Committee
    Policy Proposal on Midterm Grade reporting
    early alert grade proposal (ppt)

    In order to facilitate the adjustment of students to the rigors of Auburn University course work, faculty teaching core courses must record in Banner an early alert grade for all students enrolled in those classes one week prior to midterm. This process will permit students to seek tutoring or take other action before the midterm drop deadline.

  3. University Writing Committee
    Presenter: Margaret Marshall, Chair of University Writing Committee
    Changes in Membership of the University Writing Committee
    Resolution Request (word file)

Action Items Pending

  1. Teaching Effectiveness Committee
    Presenter: Don Mulvaney, Chair of Teaching Effectiveness Committee
    Resolution from the Teaching Effectiveness Committee
        TEC Resolution 2012 ‐ #1 to Modify Membership

Information Items  

  1. ALICE Program
    Presenter: Chance Corbert, Associate Dir, Emergency Mgmt
        presentation (ppt)
        ALICE training flyer (word file)

  2. Research Week Presentation
    Presenters: Paula Bobrowski, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
    Carl Pinkert, Associate VP for Research
        RW presentation (ppt)

  3. Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
    Presenter: Mary Boudreaux, chair
        priority point system presentation (ppt)

Unfinished Business:
William Sauser, Senate Chair
New Business:
William Sauser, Senate Chair
Adjournment: William Sauser, Senate Chair