University Senate
Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Broun Hall Auditorium
3:30 p.m.


Call to Order
Establishment of a Quorum
Approval of Minutes from March 5, 2013 Meeting

Remarks and Announcements
Office of the President
      Jay Gogue, President

University Senate Chair
      William Sauser
      Presentation (ppt file)

Action Items
1) Changes in NR and IN Grade Policy
Presenter: Brian Parr, Chair Academic Standards Committee 
Proposal Memo (word file)
Proposal presentation (ppt)

2) Change to Membership of Lectures Committee
Presenter: Jay Lamar, Director, Special Programs
Special Programs Draft Proposal (word file)

3) Teaching Effectiveness Committee Resolution
Presenter: Don Mulvaney, Chair
TEC Draft Resolution (pdf)
Proposal for Departmental Award for Excellence in Education (pdf)

4) Faculty Welfare and Faculty Salaries Resolution for Merging
Presenters: Elizabeth Guertal, Chair Faculty Welfare
Embry Burrus, Chair Faculty Salaries
Resolution/proposal (word file)

5) Faculty Handbook Committee
Presenter: Sue Barry, Chair of Faculty Handbook Committee
Faculty Handbook Informational Report (presented February 2013 meeting (ppt file)
Faculty Handbook Phase 3 Revisions (pdf file)

6) Resolution
James Goldstein, Senator, English
Motion on Annual Tenure Review (word file)

Action Items Pending
No Action Items Pending

Information Items 
No information items.

Unfinished Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
New Business: William Sauser, Senate Chair
Adjournment: William Sauser, Senate