Rules Committee Nominees

Fenny Dane has been on the faculty at Auburn University since 1985 and is a Professor in the Department of Horticulture. She currently teaches a course in plant biotechnology. Her research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of abiotic stress tolerance in plants, with emphasis on regulation of gene expression during stress, and evolutionary relationships of plant species. She has served as a University Senator since 2010.

James E. Witte is an Associate Professor and 12-year member of the College of Education. He serves as the Program Coordinator for the Adult and Higher Education Programs within the Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology Department. His academic accomplishments include the publishing of two books, numerous book chapters, journal publications and conference presentations. He holds an Emily & Gerald Leischuck Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award, an Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, College of Education and Professor of the Year, from the Student Government Association. He is also credentialed with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and is currently a departmental senator.

Shea Tillman has been on the faculty at Auburn University since 2005 and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Graphic Design. He currently teaches second-year foundations studios, studio photography and applied design research. His research is focused on integrating user research methods into the product development process. He has been a University Senator since 2008, and has served on committees for the University and College of Architecture, Design and Construction.