Where Representation is Required by College, the College Name Appears First


Academic Computing 

Theodore Kilgore (Mathematics and Statistics)

Andrew Wohrley (Library)

Jeffrey S. Smith (Industrial & Systems Engineering)


Academic Program Review

Vet Med:  Lawrence Myers

Education:  Steven Silvern

Human Sciences: Sareen Gropper

Engineering: Yasser Gowayed

Agriculture:  Robin Huettel  (2-year term)

COSAM: Stephen C. Kempf  (2 year term)

Nursing: Barbara Wilder  (2 year term)


Academic Standards

Charles Gross (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Mary Hughes (Civil Engineering)

Ronald Phelps (Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture)


Administrator Evaluation

Judith Sheppard (Communication-Journalism) 

Brenda Allen (Forestry and Wildlife Sciences)


Calendar and Schedules 

Dana Ezzell Gay (Art)

Steven Brown (Political Sci)

Stanley Reeves (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Winfred Foster (Aerospace Engineering)


Core Curriculum Oversight Committee

Natural Sciences:  James Bradley (Biological Sciences)

Social Sciences:  James Long (Economics)

Fine Arts:  Mathew Phillips (Theater)

Library:  Nancy Noe (to complete the term of James Jenkins)

Other, Non-Core area:  Zachary Zuwiyya  (Foreign Language)


Curriculum Committee

Veterinary Medicine:     Juming Zhong

Architecture, Design and Construction: Christopher Arnold

Forestry and Wildlife Sciences:  Sarah Crim

Science and Mathematics:  Sharon Roberts      

Liberal Arts:  Cathleen M. Giustino (History)(2 year term)


Faculty Handbook

Marilyn Christianson (Library)

Barbara Audet (Communication - Journalism)


Faculty Salaries

Claire Crutchely (Finance) 

Hareesh Tippur (Mechanical Engineering)


Faculty Welfare

Marie Francois (History)

Samia Spencer (Foreign Languages)

Charline LeBleu (Architecture)



Elizabeth Overman Smith (English)



Education: Suhyun Suh

Science and Mathematics: Georg Hetzer

Forestry and Wildlife Sciences:  Edward Loewenstein

Nursing: John Rowe


Non-Tenure Track Instructors

1 NTT faculty :  Giovanna Summerfield  (Foreign Language)

1 department chair or head: George Crandell (English)

2 tenured faculty:  Walt Prevatt (Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology)

Judy Hudson(Clinical Sciences)


Research Grant in Aid

Nursing:  Wei-Chen Tung 

Education:  Olin Adams

Library :  Harold Goss

COSAM:  Mary Mendonca

Business:   Howard Clayton

Architecture, Design, Construction: Tsailu Liu



Puneet Srivastava (Biosystems Engineering)

Isabelle Thompson (English)


Steering  (Senate appointment)

Roger Garrison (Economics) (2 year term)


Teaching Effectiveness 

Agriculture:  David Weaver

Library:  Juliet Rumble 

Business:  William Boulton

COSAM:  Peter Livant