Minutes of Senate Steering Committee
October 10, 2017, 3:30-4:45
Samford 206

Present:   Dan Svyantek (Chair), Donald Mulvaney (Secretary), James Goldstein (Immediate-Past Chair), Beverly Marshal (Secretary-Elect), Emmett Winn (Associate Vice-Provost), Lisa Kensler, Jared Russell, and Lucretia Tripp
Absent: Michael Tillson, Michael Baginski (Chair-Elect), Tim Boosinger (Provost)

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Svyantek at 3:30 pm and an agenda with attachments was provided.
The Steering minutes from September 14, 2017 will be approved or modified via email process.

An email sent by the secretary to Chairs of Senate Committees regarding expectations and charges was acknowledged.
The Senate Officer Nominating Committee was acknowledged and consists of:  Bob Ashurst, Michael Fogle, Xing Ping Hu, Robin Jaffe, Elizabeth Knight and Melody Russell.

A revised version of the after-hours parking survey which included input from Parking was shared.  It was suggested that it be sent after Michael reviews item 6, indication of building code.

A final draft of a letter from Chair Svyantek to Provost Boosinger regarding specialty guidelines for situations of tenure on hire of Assistant Professors was acknowledged. It was suggested this information may be included in the general guidelines for tenure and promotion.

An email trail regarding changes to the University Committee for Admission Appeals was presented.  It involved a request by Laura Forest and Velda Rooker to rename this committee to Academic Appeals.  As a University Committee matter, Emmett indicated he would work on the details.

A report from Lisa Kensler (Chair Academic Standards Committee) was made on a prior request for ASC to review a memorandum from Amber Baldrige, International transcript Evaluator.   Resulting recommendations were:

  1. Introduce the purpose of the proposed policy with a slightly broader explanation of the overall process of reviewing transfer credits
  2. Under Policy Recommendation: Beginning upon approval (rather than 2017)
  3. Under Policy Recommendation: Flip item #3 and #4.  The 4th point is “A certified, literal line by line, English translation of each official transcript, diploma, and/or certificate.”  It was suggested that the English translation requirement be applied to all documents.
  4. Under coursework evaluation guidelines, edit #1 to state: “All graded courses appearing on the official transcript will appear on the student record. Not all listed courses will receive credit towards a degree.

Steering members were reminded of opportunities to meet with Provost candidates interviewing on 10/16, 10/18 and 10/23.

The agenda for the Senate meeting for 10/17/2017 was was discussed and unanimously approved for publication on the web site. The agenda includes: remarks from Provost Boosinger and Chairman Svyantek; an action item for voting on nominees for vacancies on select committee (Academics Standards Committee – Larry Molt term ending 2018; Curriculum Committee General Education Committee – Tim Sundell; Retention Committee – Michelle Williams; to be presented by Don Mulvaney), an action item to vote on the revised Student Learning Outcomes (Presented by James Shelley, Philosophy; Constance Relihan, Associate Provost for UG Studies; and Megan Good, Director, Academic Assessment) and information item on the Professional Improvement Leave (presented by Octavia Tripp, Curriculum and Teaching and Amanda Malone, Director, Provost Budget Services).
The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 PM.

Prepared by:  D. Mulvaney, Secretary, AU Senate