Senate Steering Committee Minutes

November 3, 2016, 3:30-4:30
Samford 206

Present: James Goldstein (Chair), Dan Svyantek (Chair-Elect),  Larry Teeter (Immediate-Past Chair), Xing Ping Hu (Secretary), Emmett Winn (Vice-Provost), Lisa Kensler, Jared Russell, Lucretia Tripp, Timothy Boosinger (Provost), Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd (Assistant Dean for Health Services and Associate Professor Pharmacy Health Services)

Absent: Donald Mulvaney (Secretary-Elect), Emily Myers

The first time was approval of minutes from October 13, 2016, without modification.

Followed by a few announcements by Dr. Goldstein, Chair of the Senate, including the meeting with Kevin Robinson on changing the types of 3 standing compliance committees to regulatory committees; updates from Dr. David Held on Ad Hoc committee with summer salary; updates from Calendar committee; discussion with Provost on drafting a senate resolution for P&T committee at college level to keep consistency; etc.

The next item was an update from Provost on VP for Diversity and Inclusion selection.

The fourth item was a presentation entitled “An overview of optional AU health and wellness benefits” by Dr. Kimberly Braxton-Lloyd (Assistant Dean for Health Services and Associate Professor Pharmacy Health Services). Dr. Braxton-Lloyd reviewed pharmacy outreach activities and the seven sources available to AU employees and families. There were discussions on continuing eligibility of retirees, Pack It Up, etc.

The fifth item was a report from Dr. Lisa Kensler (Chair of Academic Standards Committee) on study of plus/minus grading. ASC had taken the task charged by Senate and processed in 4 logic steps: a survey of peers (18 out of 25 uses some form of p/m grading), review of literature (speculated 4 pros and data-supported 4 cons, 1 possible con); a survey of AU student and a survey of AU faculty. Survey data show that the “Plus/minus grading” received a slight support from faculty but strongly objection from students. Because the surveys indicate no compelling reason to modify the current grading system, the committee reached a unanimous recommendation of status quo. The results will be presented at the next Senate meeting, and James will recruit a faculty to do the presentation.

The last item was an Approval of Senate agenda for Nov. 15, 2016.

Adjourned at 4:45 pm