Senate Steering Committee Minutes

April 13, 2017, 3:30-4:45
Samford 206

Present: James Goldstein (Chair), Larry Teeter (Immediate-Past Chair), Xing Ping Hu (Secretary), Dan Svyantek (Chair-Elect), Donald Mulvaney (Secretary-Elect), Emmett Winn (Associate Vice-Provost), Lisa Kensler, Emily Myers, , Lucretia Tripp, Jared Russell, Michael Baginski (2017 Chair-Elect) Constance Relihan, Drew Clark (Director, Institutional Research), Wiebke Kuhn (Learning Spaces/Faculty Development Coordinator)

Emmett substituted for Timothy Boosinger (Provost)

The first item was approval of minutes from March 9, 2017.
Dr. Goldstein, Senate Chair, discussed a meeting with the Provost that Senate officers and other campus leaders had just attended. He then asked the committee for opinions on whether or not the proposal for the Curriculum Committee should be brought to the April Senate meeting for vote, considering the attendance in May may not be good enough to vote on a constitutional amendment.

Constance Relihan presented the proposal to add voting members from Honors College and University College to Curriculum Committee. Steering Committee decided to bring this proposal for vote at the April Senate Meeting. Sara Wolf, a member of CC, will be making the presentation on Tuesday’s Senate meeting.

Robert Agne (Chair, SAGC) was not able to attend and present the proposal to revise Student Academic Grievance Policy. The Steering Committee agreed with the proposed streamlining of the Student Academic Grievance Policy with a few suggestions on wording. Dr. Goldstein will pass on the suggestions to Robert Agne.

Drew Clark (Director of Institutional Research) reported on the Faculty Salary Study Review, which he will be presenting to Senate next week.

Wiebke Kuhn (Learning Spaces/Faculty Development Coordinator) reported on the Mell Classroom Building, which she will also be presenting to the Senate next week.

The last item was approval of Senate agenda for April 18, 2017.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.