General Faculty Meeting
October 4, 2016, 3:30 p.m.
Broun Hall Auditorium

Call to Order

Faculty Chair James Goldstein called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm. The minutes for March 8, 2016 General Faculty Meeting were approved without modification.

Remarks and Announcements

Office of the President: Jay Gogue, President
Dr. Gogue first shared a few items of good news about the number of current FTE, students’ scores of ACT and GPA, and the number of instate students.  He then announced the achievement of fund raising campaign and the issues with the new ruling from the ethics commission. Dr. Gogue called for attention to visiting diplomats this week, and encouraged students who have no change to go overseas to look into this program.  Dr. Gogue expressed appreciation to cooperative extension services, the increasing # of students winning post-grad scholarship, good ratings of AU, and the increasing graduation rates of 6-y and 4-y students.  Dr. Gogue stressed the importance of shared governance and encouraged faculty to participate in Senate activities. And finally, he announced his retirement next year and encouraged all to participate in the search from new president 2017.
Questions: None
Office of the Provost: Timothy Boosinger shared the report of the first 3 years of the current strategic plan, which has been made available on website and copies of a booklet. Progress highlights included enhanced student success, positive change in student/advisor ratio, increased students enrollment, online undergraduate course, increased number of students participating in campus climate study and the Green Dot Program; leadership program to department heads, the Hopper system, a lot of progress in faculty fellows, more tenure track faculty; increasing inventions and disclosures; increasing public engagement and outreach in extension programs, 4-H program, and awards. Under the new model, we have raised more funding than previously expected. Look forward to an equally successful year of 2017.

University Senate:  James Goldstein, Senate Chair

James Goldstein announced the call for volunteers from faculty to serve as Senate representatives on the Faculty Success Implementation Committee that went out today. After introducing Senate Officers and Administrative Assistant Laura Kloberg, he announced the Senate schedule and the opportunity to participate in shared governance by volunteering for officers or consider accepting the invitation to volunteer when approached. Then Dr. Goldstein emphasized we have two bodies that are University Senate and the General Faculty and reminded that all faculty are eligible to vote in the General Faculty meeting and how a quorum is established.  Article 2 (membership) of the Faculty Constitution was projected on the screen. Dr. Goldstein then reported on the faculty leadership’s meeting with the chair of the presidential search committee and the head of the search firm. During that meeting Dr. Goldstein expressed the view that for the new president to have the full faith and confidence of the faculty at Auburn University, it’s important that the president should have an academic background.

Action Item
Amendment to AU Faculty ConstitutionAmendment Art 4 Sect 6 (Faculty Handbook 2.1.1)
Presenter: James Goldstein, Faculty Chair

These Articles may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and approval of the Board of Trustees President.
Before the vote is held, Dr. Goldstein reminded everyone that voting of 2/3 majority of the present faculty members is needed for the proposed amendment.  A voice vote was called according to the Robert’s Rule and the motion was passed.

Information Items

  1. Auburn Global Update: Auburn Global Presentation (ppt)

Three presenters: Dawn Sherman, Auburn Global
Robert Weigel, Auburn Global Academic Director
Sean Busenlener, Auburn Global

Auburn Global is a part of strategic plan. Auburn Global recruits, orients and provides support to transition students and promote student success. Auburn Global is strategically working on goal 2 within the 1st priority of the strategic plan with the goal to Enhance Student Success.
Student success within Auburn Global is promoted through pathway developments, international buddy programs, outreach and service, and cultural events. Matriculation, student spotlights, currently we have 235 global students (undergraduate and graduate) from 26 countries, pursing 41 majors. AU delegates 34 faculty members in 4 colleges teaching Auburn Global students. Highlight of students: 23 of the global students achieved Dean’s List honors. To engage students to AU culture, a lot of cultural events were held for students to learn holidays and cultures.
Questions: none

  1. Green Dot Program: Green Dot Presentation (ppt)

Presenter: Emily Meyers, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

She displayed the Green Dot sign.  Green Dot is a campus-wide training program aimed at prevention and reduction of problems of red-doted incidents (power-based personal violence). The training is an “all call” for any AU family member to create culture change, targeting bystanders vs perpetrators. To date, over 7,000 students, staff, faculty and administrators have been trained.  Emily summarized the training on “Direct, Delegate, and Distract” techniques and actions to become proactive Green Dots and Reactive Green Dots. She provided the sources to report Red Dots and Green Dots, and the contact information. Training is constant every Tuesday.

Q: none

  1. SGA Academic Initiatives, 2016-17: SGA Acad.Affairs Proposal (ppt), Academic Goals Handout (word)

Three presenters:
Jesse Westerhouse, President SGA
Brandon Honeywell, Vice President SGA
Trey Fields, Executive VP SGA Inititiatives

SGA sets up 5 academic goals and initiatives for 2016-2017: implement a campus-wide course syllabus bank; decrease the number of unassigned courses during class registration; implement a pre-finals week course assignment policy; advocate upgrading the current grade reporting policy, and advocate for textbook alternatives. All are towards student success.

Q: none
Unfinished Business: James Goldstein, Senate Chair: None

New Business and Announcements:
James Goldstein, Senate Chair: None

James Goldstein, Senate Chair at 4:30 pm