Acts of the Senate
April 2008–March 2009

March 3, 2009
1) Approval of the Faculty Research Committee Nominees (word doc.)

2) Approval of the Revision to Class Withdrawal Policy (word doc).

February 10, 2009
1) Consulting Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy (word doc) as stated were passed by the Senate.
Faculty Welfare Committee had worked to rewrite the Consulting Policy to split the policy into a consulting policy and a conflict of interest policy.  It was proposed that the Senate vote on a revised Consulting Policy and a place holder for the Conflict of Interest Policy. It was also suggested that the Senate leadership set up a process by which a new Conflict of Interest Policy will be developed.  Therefore, the Conflict of Interest Policy presented at this meeting would not be the final document on this matter.

2) Approval of the Amendment to the approved Summer 2010 Calendar. (word doc)

3) Approval of the the proposed Summer 2011 calendar. (word doc)

4) Approval of the proposed 2011-2012 Academic calendar. (word doc)

January 13, 2009
1) Summer Calendar 2009 was approved with Friday, July 3 designated as Independance Day holiday.
2) Degree Enrollment Cap Policy was approved with a friendly amendment to Section 4 criteria changing "must" to "may" ... be considered.

November 11, 2008
1) Approval of University Senate Constitutional Amendment Creating a Faculty Research Committee
--Ammendment to Article 4
2) Resolution on the establishment of a University Interdisciplinary Degree Program

A Resolution on the Establishment of an Interdisciplinary Degree Program

Whereas, individualized, interdisciplinary degrees provide flexibility for combining
the study of several academic disciplines to create a single major resulting in a
practical and employable degree, and

Whereas, interdisciplinary degrees with a focus on career development allow
students to experience greater confidence when making career choices, and

Whereas, an interdisciplinary format provides students with the flexibility to combine
coherent areas of study that are of special interest and combine courses that are not
possible through existing degree plans, and

Whereas it is important to ensure that there be adequate faculty oversight of all degree-bearing programs, and

Therefore, be it resolved that the Auburn University Senate supports the concept of
having an interdisciplinary degree program accompanied by appropriate faculty oversight at Auburn University

October 7, 2008
1) Approval of changes to Senate Committee Nominees (word doc)
2) Approval of Graduate Certification Definition (word doc)
3) Faculty Handbook Committee Report (word doc)

September 9, 2008
1) Approval of Addition to the Core Curriculum Oversight Committee  (no link)
2) Approval of Senate Committee Nominees (a pdf file)

July 8, 2008
1) Approval of Senate Committee Nominees (word doc)
2) Approval of Policy on Withdrawals/Resignations after Midterm (word doc)

June 10, 2008
no actions

May 6, 2008
1) Calendar Committee--Calendars for academic year 2010-2011, and summers 2009 and 2010
-- Stan Reeves, Chair, Calendar Committee
-- Academic year 2010-2011, and summers 2009 and 2010 (word doc files)

2) Report of the Core Curriculum Oversight Committee – Adoption of Student Learning Outcomes (PowerPoint)
-- Linda Glaze, Chair, Core Curriculum Oversight Welfare Committee

3) Amendment to the University Senate Constituton – Article 2, Section 3
-- Bob Locy, Chair
-- Amendment to the University Senate Constituton – Article 2, Section 3 (word doc)
-- Amendment to the University Senate Constituton – Article 2, Section 3e, Article 4, Section 4 (word doc)

April 8, 2008
AU Alert Resolution as presented to the University Senate  by Chance Corbett, Associate Director, Emergency Management Public Safety & Security

AU Alert Resolution

Whereas, AU Alert has emerged as a vital link to the Campus community during emergences, and

Whereas, the AU University Senate wishes to sustain and further encourage the continued
appropriate use of the system to promote a safe campus, and

Whereas, the frequent use of AU Alert to warn users of National Weather Service Severe
Weather Watches could ultimately lower subscription and utilization of the system.

Be it resolved, that the University Senate supports a reduction in the use of the AU Alert,
to exclude those National Weather Service Severe Weather Watches except in cases where
it is determined in advance of a Severe Weather Warning that a severe weather system is
likely to have a significant impact on campus.  This establishment of appropriate guidelines
for this determination is to be made by a appropriate University Public Safety officials
designated by the Executive Vice President.

Be it further resolved, that the Public Safety and Security Office conduct an audit of existing
Weather alert systems on campus and upgrade those consistent with the above resolution.

And be it further resolved, that The Public Safety and Security Office initiate a program to
make available Severe Weather Alert radios to the campus community at a nominal fee.


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