Auburn University Senate
August 23, 3:30 p.m.

Call to Order by Senate Chair and Establishment of a Quorum

Approval of minutes for meeting of June 14, 2016

Remarks and Announcements

Office of the President: Jay Gogue, President

University Senate Chair: James Goldstein

Action Items

1. Approval of nominees for Senate Committees for academic year 2016-17

Presenter: Xing Ping Hu, Senate Secretary
List of replacement nominees (Word)

2. Proposed change to Senate Constitution to add designee from Office of Assessment as ex officio member of Teaching Effectiveness Committee

Presenter: Todd Steury, Chair, Teaching Effectiveness Committee
Resolution from Teaching Effectiveness Committee (Word)

Information Items

ADA Compliance in Canvas

Presenter: Trace Donald, Director, Office of Accessibility
Presentation- Six Ways... (ppt)

Unfinished Business: James Goldstein, Senate Chair

New Business: James Goldstein, Senate Chair

: James Goldstein, Senate Chair