New U-SN-SA Grading Policy

Objective:  Propose a new grade type for courses currently graded U-S (as in those used in College of Architecture, Design and Construction) used for advancement in particular majors, where S denotes ability to advance in the major, and U denotes that the student may not advance in the program.

Problem:  Under the current U-S system a student who does satisfactory work but does not make the cut for the limited number of spots available in the program receives a grade of U, while those advancing receive a grade of S. The grade of U does not factor into the student’s Auburn GPA; however, if the student subsequently applies for professional school programs, the GPA may be recalculated by the other university with the U awarded an equivalent grade of F since Auburn’s system does show the hours as credit hours attempted with no credit earned. Another problem is that a student who has done satisfactory work, but not work of sufficient quality to advance in the program, does not receive credit for the hours, which could count as electives in another degree program, moving the student toward graduation.

Proposed Solution:  Allow a three-tier grading option for these courses, so that all students who do satisfactory work receive credit for the hours.  

The grading in these classes could be set to U-SN-SA. 

Under this grading scheme, U would be for the student who did not do satisfactory work, SN for the student who did satisfactory work but cannot advance because of the limit on spots available, and SA would be for the student who is able to advance.