Resolution on Administrator Reviews

WHEREAS, Auburn University adheres to the principle that there should be periodic review of the performance of academic administrators and

WHEREAS, In some academic units, the only input from faculty on review of administrators is in the University Senate Administrator Evaluation survey and

WHEREAS, effective leadership can be enhanced by thoughtful feedback from faculty members

BE IT RESOLVED, that, in addition to annual reviews, the Provost will administer comprehensive administrative reviews of deans, and deans will administer comprehensive administrative reviews of departmental leaders (e.g., chairs, heads, program chairs and assistant department chairs) every 3–5 years. The Senate Administrator Evaluation Committee will develop a standardized process for this review. This process will be reviewed periodically and modified if needed by the Administrator Evaluation Committee.  The review will include feedback from all constituents including faculty in the academic units as well as students, staff and other administrators. The academic administrator will inform the faculty of the general results of this review.