University Senate Constitutional Amendment to:

Article 4: Committees
Section 1. Standing Committees of the Senate: The standing committees of the Senate shall be:
Academic Program Review
Academic Standards
Administrator Evaluation
Calendar and Schedules
Core Curriculum Oversight
Faculty Salaries
Faculty Handbook Review
Graduate Council
Academic Computing
Library Appeals
Non-tenure Track Instructors
Competitive Research Grant
Teaching Effectiveness
Faculty Grievance
Faculty Welfare
Faculty Research Committee

and add

Section 24.  Faculty Research Committee:  The Faculty Research Committee shall consist of nine faculty members rotated from different colleges with no more than one representative from each college.  The chairs of the Institutional Biosafety Committee, the Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects in Research, and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee shall serve as ex-officio members of the committee.  The Associate Provost and Vice President for Research, the Associate Vice President for Research, and the Graduate Dean shall serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the committee.  All faculty members shall serve three-year staggered terms.  The committee chair shall be selected from among the nine faculty representatives.  The committee shall be responsible for bringing research related concerns to the Vice President for Research, and for reporting appropriate research matters and policies back to the Senate.