Administrative and Professional Assembly

Resolution of No Confidence

March 5, 2001

WHEREAS the University Senate and Staff Council have recently voted no confidence in the Auburn University Board of Trustees, and

WHEREAS actions taken by the Board of Trustees have resulted in heightened emotions on campus and Auburn University has been subjected to negative publicity both in Alabama and throughout the nation, and

WHEREAS the current climate on campus is filled with turmoil and decreased employee morale and the Administrative and Professional Assembly is charged by its constitution to address matters of employee welfare, and

WHEREAS Auburn University faces perhaps the most severe financial crisis in its modern history and these conflicts must be resolved for Auburn University to confront this crisis;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Administrative and Professional Assembly expresses its lack of trust and confidence in the voting members of the Auburn University Board of Trustees and calls for a summit to seek solutions to the leadership difficulties and conflicts at Auburn University; representatives of the following constituency groups should be included in this meeting: the Board of Trustees; University Senate; Staff Council; Student Government Association; Graduate Student Organization; Auburn Alumni Association; the Interim President; and the Administrative and Professional Assembly.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the purpose of this meeting shall be to seek common ground, a resolution of the problems, whether real or perceived, and ways that relationships can be reestablished among all the constituency groups, so that Auburn University can cope with the current financial crisis and move on towards making Auburn University a better place for students, faculty, administrators, professionals, staff, alumni and the citizens of Alabama.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this resolution should be recorded in the minutes of this Administrative and Professional Assembly, disseminated to the constituency groups named within, posted on the Administrative and Professional Assembly web site, and electronically distributed to all Administrative and Professional employees.