A&P Representation, by Place 2017-2018

Place 1
Office of the President (AA/EEO, HR, Comm & Mktg, Gen Coun,
Govt Affairs, Internal Auditing, Multicultural Affairs, President's Office, Risk Mgmt & Safety, Sec. to Board of Trustees
(President and Executive Vice-President)
Brooke Patton, 2019
Risk Mngt & Safety
Phone: 844-6231
Email: cbp0007@auburn.edu
Place 2
Anna Thompson, 2018
Athletic Department Admin
Phone: 844-4750
Email: gueriak@auburn.edu
Place 2
Joy Vrbka, 2020
Athletic Department Admin
Phone: 844-7412
Email: stephjl@auburn.edu
Place 3
Josh Conradson, 2018
Campus Plan & Space Mgt
Phone: 740-8218
Email: conrajr@auburn.edu
Place 4
Provost Office, Undergraduate Studies
Amanda Malone, 2018
(Executive, Member at Large)

Provost Office
Phone: 844-0280
Email: malonad@auburn.edu
Place 5
ACES & Outreach, Center for Government Services,
Economic Development Institute, Outreach Program Office
(President and VP-Outreach)
Claire Wilson, 2019
Encyclopedia of Alabama
Phone: 844-0285
Email: wilsoc3@auburn.edu
Place 6
Information Technology
Tim Blackmon, 2019
Office of Information Technology
Phone: 844-9908
Email: tpb0009@auburn.edu
Place 6
Information Technology
Mark Bransby, 2018

Office of Information Technology
Phone: 844-5494
Email: bransch@auburn.edu
Place 7
Shelly Nemeroff, 2019
Phone: 844-2518
Email: mbn0001@auburn.edu
Place 8
Library, Alumni, Student Affairs, Enrollment Services,
Program for Students with Disabilities
(VP-Alumni, Provost)
Steve Glennon, 2018
Student Center
Phone: 844-1300
Email: glenns1@auburn.edu
Place 9
College of Business, College of Science and Math
Mike Stover, 2019
Professional and Career Development
Phone: 844-7296
Email: cms0029@auburn.edu
Place 10
College of Education, College of Liberal Arts
Bre Aunna McKenzie, 2020
Liberal Arts - Admin
Phone: 844-4000
Email: bzm0011@auburn.edu
Place 11
College of Engineering
Destiny Valle, 2018
Advising, Engineering
Phone: 844-2290
Email: destiny@auburn.edu
Place 12
College of Veterinary Medicine
Stephen Gulley, 2020
Phone: 844-1108
Email: slg0001@auburn.edu
Place 13
Graduate School, College of Architecture, Design & Construction, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Paige Patterson, 2020
Pharmacy Admin
Phone: 844-4099
Email: lanfokp@auburn.edu
Place 14
School of Forestry-Wildlife Sciences, College of Human Sciences
Shirley Carter, 2020
Human Development & Family Studies
Phone: 844-4151
Email: smc0059@auburn.edu
Place 15
College of Agriculture, Alabama Ag. Experiment Station
Angela Chandler, 2020
Animal Sciences
Phone: 844-1570
Email: asc0007@auburn.edu
Place 15
College of Agriculture, Alabama Ag. Experiment Station
Jeanie Harry, 2019
School of Fisheries & Aqua Sciences
Phone: 844-9315
Email: jph0005@auburn.edu
Place 16
Research, Sponsored Programs, Office of Technology Transer, Space Power Institute, Compliance - Animal Resources & Human Subjects
Robert Holm, 2019
(Executive, Member at Large)

Office of Sponsored Programs
Phone: 844-5877
Email: rzh0021@auburn.edu
Place 17
Business and Finance, Student Financial Services, Payroll & Employee Benefits, Procurement & Payment Services, Contracts & Grants Acctg. Controller, Budget Services, Treasurer, Alumni Acctg, Develpment Acctg. Property Services
(Executive VP)
Tyler Adams, 2018
(Executive, Member at Large)

Procurement & Payment Services
Phone: 844-7771
Email: adamstj@auburn.edu
Place 18
Admin. Services,AU Aviation, Air Transportation, Auxiliary Enterprises, Bookstore, CopyCat, Housing & Residence Life, Parking & Transit Services, Public Safety
(Executive VP)
Katie Lee, 2020
AU Bookstore
Phone: 844-1350
Email: leecath@auburn.edu
Robert Kulick
Aerospace Engineering
Phone: 844-2290
Email: kulicro@auburn.edu
Lawrence Hamberlin
Animal Sciences
Phone: 844-1522
Email: hambelm@auburn.edu
Timothy Jones
Office of Information Technology
Phone: 844-9997
Email: twj0003@auburn.edu

Nominations and Elections
Don Andrae
Parking Services
Phone: 844-4143
Email: dza0015@auburn.edu
Professional Development
Abbygail Langham
Student Affairs
Phone: 844-9413
Email: langhat@auburn.edu
Professional Development
Barrett Warren
University Architect
Phone: 844-8561
Email: bpw0011@auburn.edu
Nancy Bernard
Career Center
Phone: 844-3877
Email: bernanm@auburn.edu
Marc Haon
Office of Sponsored Programs
Phone: 844-5929
Email: haonmar@auburn.edu
Deborah Heidepriem
Financial Reporting
Phone: 844-4623
Email: heidedj@auburn.edu

Last Updated: April 04, 2018