Elections 2006
A&P Assembly Representative Elections   2006             

Electronic voting will be conducted Monday, March 13, 2006 – Monday, March 20, 2006.

Paper ballots are available for those who do not have internet access. Contact Karen Rankin, Chair of Nominations & Elections Committee, 844-5116.

You are encouraged to review the biographies of all nominees prior to voting. Click on the candidate's name from the list below to view their bio.

If desired, you may write-in candidates on the ballot during the voting process.

Areas with vacancies by Place and persons nominated are:
Place 3 - Facilities Division
Barnese Adair-Wallace, Facilities Division

Place 5 - Outreach & Alabama Cooperative Extension System
** (to fill unexpired term ending in 2007)
Latresha Brady-Pinkston, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Janie Echols-Brown, Outreach Information & Program Certification
Arturo Menefee, Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Place 6 - Information Technology
Mark Wilson, Office of Information Technology

Place 8 - Alumni & Student Affairs
Katie Mantooth, Career Development Services
Gregg Prigerson, Office of Admissions

Place 11 - College of Engineering
Robert (Bob) Karcher, College of Engineering Student Services
Donna Kelly, College of Engineering Administration
Richard (Greg) Ruff, College of Engineering Administration

Place 15 - College of Agriculture & Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station
** (person can vote for up to two persons on the Place 15 ballot to fill two unexpired terms ending 2007 & 2008)
Jane Hoehaver, Plant Science Research Center
John Owen, Agronomy & Soils Department
Sandy Pouncey, College of Agriculture Administration
Lane Sauser, College of Agriculture Administration

Place 17 - Business & Finance
David Hennessey, Contracts & Grants Accounting

Items of Interest Regarding the Election and Voting Process

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