Auburn University

Administrative and Professional Assembly


Spring Retreat for Representatives 2005

Thursday March 24






11:30 a.m. Time to Gather and Meet One Another

Enjoy Lunch

Introductory Ice-Breaker Activity

Vivian Miller


12:15 p.m. Welcome

Roles and Responsibilities of Representatives, and

Highlights of Assembly Accomplishments

Harriette Huggins and Drew Burgering


12:30 Leadership in the Professional Organization

Dr. William H. Sauser


1:45 Round Table Discussions April Staton

        Interacting with members

        Increasing involvement in the Assembly

        Identifying the top issues faced by the Assembly


2:30 Using A & P On-line Resources

Cathy Ramey


2: 50 p.m. Evaluation and Adjournment












* NOTE: In the interest of maximizing the use of our time together breaks have not been prescheduled; we suggest that comfort breaks be taken in between activities.