A&P Presidential Survey Results Dec. 2004


All constituent groups should be represented in the search for a new president. The new president should be expected to recognize A&P and Staff as significant stakeholders in the operation of Auburn University.


This survey seems a little skewed. Of course we want all of these things in our next president. However, a person who is a quality leader with demonstrated success should be able to "lead" others regardless of the organization and its characteristics. Additionally, we all need to understand and remember that share governance is a two-way street and the president's commitment to inclusive governance is only as good as the willingness of others on campus to agree that theirs is not the only correct decision or opinion AND that sometimes decisions must be made quickly based upon a person's expertise and intimate knowledge of a situation without input from others. There is an element of trust in our leader involved here. Not every decision is necessarily made by committee vote. People at Auburn are very quick to judge others and conclude that theirs is the only correct way to do anything. We need to change before any new leader can be successful. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


Absolute requirement - no association with current members of the AU Board of Trustees.


No direct questions on communication skills. What's most desperately needed is someone who can develop a vision and direction for Auburn University, communicate it to the various constituents (that includes trustees) and involve everyone in moving toward that goal. That's sadly lacking now and is particularly bad since the University of Alabama apparently has such an individual. Also missing questions on ability to work within the framework of trustees and state government that frequently can be such an impediment.


The president of our University should be committed to the University and let all decisions be based on the best interest of the University and itís employees, students and faculty also should correct problems with bad faculty and not let this tenure thing be used as a tool for retaining deadwood faculty, also should require that all faculty have background checks just like A&P and staff.


This survey is pretty biased. The questions are loaded. It doesn't truly ask our opinion, but it seems to be set up to further someone's pre-established agenda. Items 1 through 7 make sense, but items 8-14 are completely useless. Who wouldn't want a president who has a "vision of role of higher education in the 21st century"? And no details are given as to how many of these; including "demonstrated ability to be effective agent of change" can be measured. Please e-mail us again when you are ready for our real opinions.


Demonstrated commitment to serving both the University and its employees.


Treat staff people with respect and equality.


None of these are encompassing a "presidential" persona - a way of relating to the public.


Needs to have a strong understanding of the role athletics plays at the University. I am not saying he needs to be an ex-jock, but he needs to understand what the student-athletes bring to the University as a whole.


This candidate could be a person of high achievement in the business world as an alternative to a strictly academic person. The key quality is the ability to LEAD Auburn University forward in engaging the corporate world, increasing our research funding, raising gifts for faculty and program support and casting a vision that our alumni will buy into and support.


Good academicians don't necessarily make good leaders. Successful corporate CEO's have demonstrated characteristics lending to a higher degree of success in leadership roles. Think outside the academic box.


I would add: *Demonstrated commitment to student development and involving students in key strategic planning efforts & initiatives. *Success/proven track record in strategic planning & leadership initiatives


I truly feel that the next president of Auburn University should have an earned doctorate, and that earned doctorate should be a PhD.


The next president also must be effective in raising money for the University. The money should be in the form of endowed chairs, gifts for specific programs and of course be able to secure greater share of state funds. I also, believe that a representative of the A&P should be a full voting member of the committee to select a new president.


We need a new President and we need new Board of Trustee members.


I believe the new president should recognize the areas of uniqueness Auburn University possesses and commit to preserving and supporting those areas as well.


I would argue that all the Characteristics noted are Important in the Next President of Auburn University and it is the strength of the combination that is critical. Furthermore given that AU is truly a global institution with over 90 nations represented on this campus one should seriously consider (recognizing the local issues) how the candidates are able to mobilize the campus towards preparing Alabama's residents to work and compete in a global market place. NASULGC has prepared as report entitled "A CALL TO LEADERSHIP - The Presidential Role in Internationalizing the University." I have not seen a final copy of this as of yet however I have a draft copy at: http://www.auburn.edu/aub-ie/acip/advocacy/nasulgc2004.pdf


Should not have demonstrated a bad attitude toward faculty or staff. Should understand that a being president of a college is NOT the same as being CEO of a corporation. Should support law and order and academic excellence not just finance and football.


Experience in managing a high level athletics department that generates significant funds for the university.


The next president at Auburn should be a good person, not a scoundrel as we have gotten accustomed to seeing here (with Walker and Richardson). He or she should understand the role of the University today, not only in America, but in our state. The next President should be about working the Legislature on behalf of AU, and should be about working major donors for AU. The next President of Auburn should spend the time necessary to get rid of the individuals at Auburn and on the Board of Trustees who are detrimental to the good name of this institution.


Must be someone who can and will make decisions.


Many times the University advertises their commitment to equal opportunity but that proves again and again to not be the case. Women and single employees still suffer from inequalities and are not given appropriate consideration for typical male positions. Human Resources do not seem to see a problem with this. There are also numerous positions listed as exempt that require far more overtime than other positions that involve less danger and less one on one involvement in teaching students.


I long for the days when AU's president, like Pres. Muse, smiled at you and said hello -- even if he didn't know your name.


I believe you will see the BOT remove interim from Dr. Richardson's title - period! http://reignlowder.us


In my opinion, it is imperative that a national search, strongly centered on integrity of all parties, be conducted, and that all avenues to select the "right" candidate be exhausted. I believe that it is imperative that AU moves rapidly and purposefully towards and beyond resolution of the current and continuing administrative leadership and management cataclysm. Thank you for providing this opportunity for input.

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