Auburn University

Auburn University, Alabama 36849


to a
Campus-Wide Forum

Brought to you by the A&P Assembly, Staff Council,
and University Senate



June 1, 2005

Broun Hall Auditorium

2:00-4:00 P.M.


  • Construction on Campus for Summer 2005  
    (Buster Reese and/or Mike Bumgardner)
    A briefing will be provided on campus construction scheduled for this summer and how it may impact the campus community.

  • Campus Planning & Space Management
    Organizational Restructuring/Introductions (John Mouton)
    Roles & Responsibilities of Campus Planning (Tom Tillman)
    Briefing on Campus Development (Tom Tillman)
    Briefing on Space Management (John Mouton)
    Briefing on Traffic & Parking (Cathy Love)

  • Anonymous Reporting System 
    (Kevin Robinson)
    A briefing and demonstration of the new Anonymous Reporting System will be provided.