Fall 2004



View the current A&P Constitution reflecting these proposed changes here:



ARTICLE II - Section 3: Representation (see DRAFT Constitution for specific changes)


Ř      Change dates of elections to first week of February (for Assembly Members), first week of March (for Executive Committee) and April 1 (for the date to take office).

REASON(S):  The AP Assembly is the only employee group on campus that takes office on October 1.  Both the University Senate and Staff Council hold elections and take office in Winter/Spring.  The change would allow us to be consistent with the other employee groups (allowing our officers to work in conjunction with the same officers for a full year) as well as move the dates from the end of the fiscal year/beginning of semester when many individuals in the AP employee group face greater commitments and time constraints. (Also affects Article III – Section 4: Elections of the Executive Committee.)


ARTICLE III – Section 2.B. (Chair-Elect)

Ř      Insert language to have Chair-elect also serve as the Assembly’s Parliamentarian.
REASON(S): A Parliamentarian is needed to maintain consistency in the application of Robert’s Rules of Order.  Having the Chair-elect serve in this capacity is suggested for two reasons: (1) it will give that individual time to become familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order prior to becoming the Chair; and (2) once this individual is Past-chair, they can serve in an advisory capacity to the incoming Chair-elect on parliamentary issues.


ARTICLE IV – Section 1: Assembly Meetings

Ř      Change to “meetings to be held not less frequently than once per calendar quarter.”

REASON(S): In order to ensure better communication within the A&P employee group, as well as to enhance greater participation within the membership, this change has been requested by the Assembly members.


ARTICLE V – Section 1.E. (Calendar and Schedule Committee)

Ř      Change the membership of this Committee from the secretary and eight members to the secretary and three members.
REASON(S): Based on comments received from Committee members, nine people are not necessary to carry out the functions of this Committee.



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