Campus Wide Forum

On June 1 from 2 - 4 pm in the Broun Hall Auditorium the A&P Assembly, University Senate and the Staff Council held an open campus-wide forum on issues of interest. Guest speakers presented information on Summer Campus Construction, Campus Planning & Space Management, and Parking. Following each presentation, attendees had the opportunities to ask questions. Internal Auditing's anonymous reporting system was also on the agenda but because of time constraints, that information will be shared another time.

Summer Campus Construction
This report on Infrastructure Projects was prepared by Buster Reese and Mike Bumgardner and presented by Jenny Swaim: There are 195 current projects and Jenny reviewed the 15 projects taking place now:

1. Science Lab Center
2. Hot and cold water piping
3. Parking deck repairs
4. Transportation Technology Center
5. Building Science facility
6. Ross Hall renovation
7. Chilled water plant security

8. District energy plant
9. Electricity sub-station upgrades
10. W. Thach water piping
11. Pedestrian campus
12. Coliseum parking lot
13. New stop light - Lem Morrison &Donahue
14. CDV demolition
15. Pharmacy Building

These projects will be progressing throughout the summer. Watch for announcements in AU Daily and AU Report and view updated information (including road closings) on their web site at

Future projects include a new parking deck to be built in the old Coliseum area. Including the closing of Haley A and B zone parking lots and the old Coliseum area, planners anticipate a net gain of over 100 parking spaces with the completion of the new deck.

Campus Planning
Presented by Tom Tillman:. Facilities Division has been reorganized and Campus Planning/Space Management and Design and Construction are now separate divisions. The progressive concept of planning, design, construction, and occupancy was outlined in general terms and the campus core projects were reviewed.

Campus and facility planning hasn’t been a priority at AU in the past. It has become a focus now as guided by recommendations from world-class professional consultants. Campus planning will be integrated with other AU strategic planning and it will reflect land conservation and environmental sensitivity.

Space Management
Presented by Greg Parsons:
Greg reviewed how space is being managed with emphasis on classroom space.

Parking and Traffic
Presented by Cathy Love: Two studies of the campus parking situation have been conducted in the past 5 years (Sasaki Associates 2002, Wells 2003). There is no master plan for parking at present but each study offered various suggestions for improvement. The first recommended six new parking decks and the second two. The new parking deck mentioned above will be off Duncan Drive principally feeding in from the south, but most of the traffic is coming from the northeast. No recent study of the numbers of vehicle registrants by buildings (parking population by buildings) has been done, but there is a shortage of 700 parking spaces in the northeast corner of campus. Steps are being taken to work with the city and individual land owners to improve the congestion in that area. A city parking garage on Wright St. is being discussed.

Auburn University is a pedestrian campus and employees are urged to seek alternatives to driving a car on campus and parking. Currently 10% of the campus population are biker riders and the goal is to increase that to 30%. Walking, carpooling and the use of campus transit are encouraged.

Follow Up Issues

  1. Deferred Maintenance – determining priority of projects
  2. Campus Planning – willing to come back to address specific projects
  3. Traffic improvements needed – contact your city counsel representation urging the city to improve traffic at Magnolia and Donahue
  4. Contractors are not allowed to park in A and B zones. This has not been enforced around the Pharmacy construction but Facilities will be monitoring that more closely.
  5. A study of where people work is needed to develop a parking master plan
  6. Further discussion on the possibility of assigned parking places for employees is requested.
  7. The Facilities Division welcomes your feedback and is actively attempting to improve feedback at all levels.

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