Auburn University

Administrative and Professional Assembly


A & P Assembly Meeting


Wednesday September 19 2007

1:00 2:30 p.m.

Ballroom - Foy





I.                    Call to Order

Roll Call


II.                  Announcements


III.                Program

Speaker: AU President, Dr. Jay Gogue


IV.               Approval of Minutes


V.                 Comments from the Chair Maria Folmar


VI.               Introduction to Place 2 Kirsten Perkins


VII.             Reports

a.      Executive Committee Todd Storey

b.      Ad hoc committee on health/wellness and day care initiatives David Hennessey and April Staton

c.      Committee Appointments Nominations and Elections, Victoria Tate and Michelle Owsley


VIII.           New Business


IX.               Open Forum

Comments and questions will be taken from the floor.


X.                 Adjourn