Administrative & Professional Assembly


March 20, 2007

Room 208 Foy Student Union

2:30 4:00




I.                   Call to Order


II.                Roll Call


III.             Approval of Minutes February 20, 2007


IV.            Comments from the Chair Drew Burgering


Information Items

V.               Child Care Survey Update Jenny Swaim


VI.            Updates from A & P Committees:

Nominations & Elections Committee Victoria Tate & Kimmie Barnes

A. Election results

Welfare Committee Brenda Wood

Grievance Committee - Jennifer Barlow McDonald

Professional Development Letter accompanying the Consulting Policy

Executive Committee Maria Folmar

VII.         Unfinished Business


VIII.      New Business


IX.            Open Forum


X.               Recognizing those completing their service to the Assembly


XI.            Final remarks to the Assembly by the current Chair Drew Burgering


XII.         Introducing the new Chair


XIII.      Adjournment