A&P Assembly Retreat
March 24, 2005
Alabama Power Room,
Lowder Building



Roundtable Discussion Notes:


  1. Ways to interact with members
    1. Send a brief, concise email to those you represent- make it an introduction
    2. Promote the webpage
    3. Promote the public forum
    4. Follow up after meeting with email summarizing issues discussed at Assembly meetings
    5. Actions should be consistent among members

  2. Issues for Assembly to work on for A&P employees
    1. Equitable pay and consistent evaluations for employees
    2. Improving communication among constituents
    3. Parking
    4. Electronic Privacy
    5. Education improvements
    6. Healthcare benefits
    7. Intimate Relations

  3. Removing barriers/increase attendance for meetings
    1. Increase communication
    2. Have more speakers on things of interest to employees
    3. Become available to meet/talk to constituents
    4. Let public know what AP is doing, what we are pushing etc